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rebel Financial is an independent, fee-only financial firm that serves the best interests of our clients before any investment company, mutual fund company, insurance company, or any other entity or consideration. We started our firm because we were disenfranchised with the bureaucratized inefficiency and blatant greed of the larger financial industry.

When you work with us you will quickly come to know and appreciate that we really do care about you and your financial situation and that we structured our company to make you successful, take care of our employees, and give back to our community before any profit driven considerations.


This is what makes us a “rebel” in the  financial industry:

1. rebel Financial is an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that was created to serve our clients’ best interests first. We work hard to reduce bureaucracy, increase efficiency, stay at the cutting edge of technology, limit conflicts of interest, innovate unceasingly to improve, and strive to find ever more ways to add more value to our clients. In these ways, we do rebel against the ordinary and proudly stand apart from the majority of our industry peers. Learn more about what makes us different


3. A team is only as strong as it individual parts. Fortunately, one of the strengths of being small is that we have the ability to recruit, train, and monitor all of our team members on an individual basis. We are proud to be a bit eccentric and hire people that geniunely want to work here and serve you. We are proud of the wonderful team we have and actively work to empower them to serve you. Read More
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2. There are many financial companies, firms and advisors out there that would like you to believe that they have figured out the “magical recipe” to investment success and that you must work with them to learn the complex secrets to success. Successful financial planning and good investment performance are not complex, however, they are not easily accomplished either. There is no secret behind how we help our clients succeed and we’ll share it with you now, even if you’re not a client. Read on…

“We care more about our clients’ financial well-being than our own profit margins.”

In addition to our traditional investment strategies, we also offer

the following values based investing strategies:


1) Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)/Environmental, Sustainable, Governance (ESG) – Many of us believe that our investments should be guided by the same principals and ethics that we live by in our own lives. Whether its labor practices, good governance, being environmentally sustainable, investing in renewable energy sources, etc. We have solutions to help you do so without sacrificing investment performance and only at marginally higher costs (this keeps reducing every year).

2) Christian Values based Investing – Investing with an emphasis on Christian Values is very important to many of our clients and we try to build investment strategies that can help them accomplish their long-term goals while building their principals into their investment strategy.

3) Shariah/Halal based Investing – This is still an area that is in it’s infancy in the US, but it continues to improve every year. We have only been able to roll these models out to our clients since 2015 because there just were not enough investment providers available to build diversified portfolios. We are pleased to say that this has changed and we are excited to help our Muslim clients invest more confidently, according to their beliefs.

Our Planning Philosophy:


Successfully planning for your future requires placing a high degree of trust with your advisor and other trusted professionals. You must share your inner aspirations and divulge information on your most valued possessions. We value this trust that is placed in us and hold sacred our responsibilities to you, our clients, in this relationship.



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We are prohibited from posting testimonials/reviews on our website by the SEC and the state regulatory authorities. However, we are allowed to have reviews on 3rd party sites on which we have no ability to manipulate them in our favor so that both positive and negative reviews can be equally evaluated by potential clients. Please view our reviews on Google Reviews by clicking here.


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