Watch our On-Demand Investment Management webinar by our President, Phil Ratcliff. Sign up below to watch. 


Watch our On-Demand Investment Management webinar by our President, Phil Ratcliff. Sign up below to watch. 

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Revolutionizing Investment Management

At rebel Financial, we believe in the power of traditional investing strategies that have stood the test of time. We know that if something is working, there’s no need to change it. However, we also know that there’s always room for improvement. That’s why we’ve combined time-tested investment strategies with innovative technology and capabilities to provide you with more freedom, choice, and value. We are not afraid to challenge the status quo and give you access to new and unique investment opportunities that most traditional firms won’t. We believe in investing according to your values and goals, and we are committed to being good stewards of your wealth. So, whether you’re a high net worth client or just starting, we have the tools and expertise to help you achieve your financial goals.

#1 Investments Simplified

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of investment options to our clients. Whether you’re looking to be as aggressive or conservative as you want, we have options that can meet your needs. We offer traditional investment options that have been tried and tested over time, as well as newer options like environmental, social, and good governance (ESG) investments that prioritize sustainability and social responsibility. For those who prefer to invest according to their faith-based values, we offer Protestant, Catholic and Shariah Halal investment options as well. 

Stage 1

Make an appointment

Stage 2

Hire rF and work with your advisors to assess your goals and risk tolerance

Stage 3

Choose a core investment strategy (IES):
• Traditional
• Environmental, social, and good governance (ESG)
• Protestant
• Catholic
• Halal
• Ultra Low Cost (ULC)

Stage 4

Choose thematic add-ons:
• Direct indexing
• Digitally enhanced portfolios

Select side strategy:
• Concentrated digital assets/crypto
• Singularity new era ULC

Stage 5

Open and/or transfer accounts

Stage 6

Receive assets and implement your customized investment strategy

Investment Themes Graphic

Whether you’re looking for high-end institutional funds or hyper-personalized investment strategies that align with your values, we can help. Most RIA firms in the country don’t offer the same level of diversity and flexibility that we do, which is why we’re proud to stand out from the crowd.  And, for those who are interested in cutting-edge investment strategies, we offer the ability to participate in new programs like direct indexing or to add digital assets and cryptocurrencies to your portfolio. 

#2 Sophisticated Investment System

We meticulously integrate a suite of advanced technologies to establish a refined investment system/platform for our clients, providing offerings that can be on par with or even surpass those available to ultra-high-net-worth clients. We harness technology and automation to render this accessible to individuals of all backgrounds, constantly innovating to ensure its excellence, rivaling even some of the most upscale personalized financial managers. Feel free to explore the array of services we provide, and do not hesitate to engage with your dedicated coach or investment manager during your scheduled sessions if you wish to delve further into the intricacies of our offerings.

Advyzon is a powerful portfolio management software that allows us to effectively manage your investments and ensure they align with your financial goals. With Advyzon, we can monitor your portfolio performance in real-time, making adjustments as needed to keep your investments on track.

For example, let’s say that you are saving for retirement and have a target allocation of 60% stocks and 40% bonds. Over time, due to market fluctuations, your allocation may shift and no longer match your target. With Advyzon, we can quickly identify this shift and rebalance your portfolio to get it back to your desired allocation. This helps to ensure that your investments are always working towards your long-term financial goals.

In addition, Advyzon provides advanced reporting capabilities, allowing us to provide you with clear and concise information about your portfolio’s performance. This helps you stay informed about your investments and make informed decisions about your financial future. Overall, Advyzon is a valuable tool that allows us to provide you with comprehensive investment management services.

iRebal and Quantum rebalancer are powerful tools that enable us to efficiently adjust and realign your investment portfolio to meet your investment objectives.

With these software solutions, we can easily identify any deviations from your target allocation, and make the necessary adjustments to bring your portfolio back in line with your goals. This ensures that your investments are always properly balanced and diversified, helping you to achieve the best possible returns.

For example, let’s say your portfolio has a target allocation of 80% US stocks and 20% international stocks. Over time, the value of your US stocks increases while the international stocks decrease, resulting in a new allocation of 90% US stocks and 10% international stocks. Using our rebalancing software, we would sell some of your US stocks and buy more international stocks to bring your allocation back to 80/20.

This is important because it helps to maintain the diversification of your portfolio, which can help to reduce risk and increase the potential for returns. Without the use of portfolio management software like iRebal and Quantum rebalancer, it can be challenging to stay on top of these changes and make the necessary adjustments in a timely manner.

Investing can be a complex and overwhelming task, especially with the vast amount of information available nowadays. That’s why our team is here to help simplify and decode everything for you. We use powerful tools like Morningstar, YourStake, Magnify by Tifin, Ethos, and Clearnomics to gather valuable insights and data to make informed investment decisions.

With YourStake, we can analyze the environmental, social, and governance impact of potential investments, while Magnify by Tifin uses artificial intelligence to provide customized investment strategies tailored to your individual goals and risk tolerance. Ethos provides us with ESG ratings and risk assessments, while Clearnomics helps us keep up with the latest economic news and trends.

For instance, by using YourStake, we were able to identify a company that aligned with our client’s values and had a strong ESG profile. Then, with Magnify by Tifin, we created a personalized investment plan that balanced the client’s risk tolerance and investment objectives. Finally, thanks to Clearnomics, we made informed decisions about when to buy and sell investments.

Ultimately, our research software empowers us to provide you with personalized and well-informed investment advice that is transparent and easy to understand.

We understand that not everyone wants us to handle everything for them. Some people enjoy being more involved and having access to the cool features and tools we offer. That’s why we work hard to make it easy and enjoyable for you to utilize these features without complications.

Our goal is to provide you with a user-friendly experience that still allows you to tap into the exciting capabilities we have. We want you to have fun while managing your investments and taking advantage of the cool tools we’ve developed.

For example, let’s say you’re interested in exploring your risk tolerance and ensuring your investments align with your goals. You can use Riskalyze to easily determine your true risk tolerance and make any necessary adjustments to your investments.

Furthermore, with Tifin Personality, you can discover more about your unique investment personality and how it influences your decision-making. By gaining this insight, you can avoid making emotionally driven choices that might hinder your long-term goals.

eMoney is another powerful tool that enables you to create a comprehensive financial plan, considering your retirement goals, expenses, and investments. This plan empowers you to make informed decisions about your financial future and stay on track towards achieving your objectives.

Lastly, Advyzon grants you access to your investment accounts and allows you to monitor your portfolio regularly. This convenient tool keeps you well-informed, enabling you to make any necessary adjustments to your investments over time.

We strive to make your investment journey enjoyable, interactive, and hassle-free. By embracing these tools, you can actively participate in managing your finances while benefiting from our innovative solutions.

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Through Advyzon, we can easily access and manage your investment accounts, keeping a close eye on portfolio performance and ensuring you receive timely updates on critical financial events.
iRebal helps efficiently manage your investment portfolio by automatically analyzing and adjusting your holdings based on your desired allocation and risk profile.
Helps maintain a balanced investment portfolio. With its advanced algorithms, it can quickly analyze your portfolio and suggest trades to bring it back in line with your investment strategy.
Ethos ESG allows us to assess a company's impact on the environment, society, and governance practices, which can provide insight into the company's long-term sustainability.
Magnify helps us identify investment opportunities that align with each client's unique goals and risk tolerance. By leveraging this tool, we can help you achieve your investment objectives while also minimizing risk.
Track your financial goals and develop a clear roadmap to achieving them. Clearnomics enables you to gain a deeper understanding of your financial position, monitor your progress, and make informed decisions about your investments.
With Morningstar's extensive database of investment data and analysis, we can access in-depth reports on individual stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and more.
Assess the sustainability and social impact of potential investments and make more informed decisions on behalf of our clients. With this tool, you can be confident that your investments align with your values and contribute to a better world.
With Onramp, we can easily manage your cryptocurrency portfolio with advanced security features and automated reporting, providing a simplified approach to investing in cryptocurrency, and making it accessible to a wider range of investors.
A behavioral finance tool that helps us better understand your goals and risk tolerance. By answering a series of questions, we can identify your unique financial personality and tailor our investment recommendations accordingly.
By using a scientific approach to measuring risk, Riskalyze provides an accurate assessment of your risk tolerance and helps us tailor your investment portfolio accordingly.
rFIP, (rebel Financial Investment Portal), offers easy access to your investment accounts, allowing you to monitor portfolio performance and receive crucial financial notifications while keeping you informed about your financial documents and holdings.

#3 Serving you, not Business Partners

We pride ourselves on our multitude of different custodians you can choose from, unlike the typical firm which has one. You can add us as Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) on your existing accounts or choose to start new accounts with any of our custodians, or multiple of them if you choose. 

We believe in the power of strategic partnerships. We tirelessly seek out a diverse group of good investment partners and vendors in the industry, leveraging their expertise in different areas and services to benefit our clients. Our unique approach involves fostering healthy competition among these partners, pushing them to deliver greater value and pricing advantages that even larger firms often fail to secure. By combining our deep industry knowledge with these carefully selected partnerships, we create a seamless and rewarding experience for our clients, offering them access to more opportunities and strive to deliver better financial outcomes. Experience the difference of our client-centric approach, where we continually push our existing partners and strive to find new partners that drive more value and benefits to our clients which is at the heart of everything we do.

Provider Comparison rebel
Provider Comparison Typical Firm
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rebel Fjord billing estimate

#4 FJORD Equals Freedom

We can manage your investments almost anywhere

Beyond primary custodians, we can manage almost any account that other advisors can’t with our rebel Fjord integration. (401k, 403b, 529, HSA, etc.) 

rebel Fjord is powered by Pontera and is a new platform that will allow us to manage your portfolios more efficiently. This means we will be able to help you build more wealth through holistic planning, tax management, and consolidated reporting.

#5 Freedom To Invest How You Want

At rebel, we understand that every investor has their own unique style and strategies when it comes to investing. That’s why we offer our clients a range of options to choose from when working with us. You can opt for our full-service option where we manage everything for you, or you can choose to take a more hands-on approach and DIY it with our guidance and consultation. And if neither of these options is exactly what you’re looking for, we offer a combination of accounts in between option one and two to meet your needs. 

Our 3 Investment Management Methods


Butterfly life cycle words2-02 Butterfly life cycle words2-01

We believe in providing our clients with more value and flexibility when it comes to their investment strategies. Most firms don’t offer these kinds of options, instead requiring clients to either do it their way and have them manage everything, or nothing. We strive to work with our clients to find the best investment approach that fits their unique needs and preferences.

Your steps to our professionally managed approach

Work with your advisor to understand goals and objectives
Use our tools to establish your risk profile
Choose your investment profile
Choose your investment addons - optional
Choose a thematic concentrated strategy - optional
Work with our team to open, fund, transfer, rollover your accounts
We implement your investment strategy
We continually watch your accounts and hold meetings

#6 Networth VS AUM Benefits

At rebel Financial, we redefine the norms of traditional firms. As a comprehensive wealth management firm, we provide a full spectrum of services tailored to address your holistic financial needs. Our team of professionals brings expertise in investment management, tax preparation and planning, estate planning, and more. What sets us apart is our unique fee structure based on net worth, rather than the conventional AUM (Assets Under Management) approach. While most traditional firms primarily focus on investment management, we prioritize your overall financial well-being by offering a comprehensive suite of services.

Q: Will having assets under management (AUM) be better for me since I might be charged less?

A: While having a large AUM may result in lower fees for non-traditional assets, it can also create conflicts of interest and lead to undesirable outcomes. It’s important to consider all factors when choosing an investment management approach that aligns with your goals and values.

We pride ourselves on being transparent with our clients about our fee structure. We want to make it clear that when it comes to calculating fees, we base them on your net worth, rather than the investment accounts you hold with us.

Benefits of Networth

Less conflicts of interest

More specialty in dealing with non-investment account assets (businesses, real estate, farms, closely-held-business, etc.)

Elevating Fee-only Further

Charging based on Net worth, we aren't focused on converting all your wealth into investment accounts to charge higher fees. We don't care how you build your wealth, we just want to help you do it as optimally and safely as possible.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Investment Strategies

Providing you the flexibility to manage whatever assets you want, while having us manage the rest for you and creating reports and consolidations for all your accounts.


We understand that cash is also an important investment. That's why we work with several cash management partners to make sure that you get the most out of your cash. The average saver earns 90% less than the market rate, for instance, if rates were 4-5%, the average saver could be earning around 1%. With our proficiency and tools such as Max my interest, Flourish, and High Yield Money Markets, we can assist you in enhancing your additional cash opportunities and increasing your earnings and cash holdings.

MAX my interest

MaxMyInterest is an intelligent cash management solution for investors to optimize their savings and earn more interest on their cash


Flourish Cash simplifies cash management for advisors with high-yield FDIC-insured accounts, tools, and integrations.

High Yield Money Markets

We also use TD, Schwab, and Interactive Brokers as high-yield money market providers to help clients maximize their returns on cash holdings.

For example, let’s say you have $50,000 in cash savings. With a traditional bank account, you might earn only 0.05% interest, amounting to just $25 per year. However, by using our cash management tools, we could help you earn up to 4% interest, yielding $2,000 per year. That’s a significant increase in returns with minimal effort on your part. So, don’t let your cash just sit in a low-yield savings account, let us help you maximize your returns and grow your wealth.

Estimate your Networth Fee

#7 rebel does more!

At rebel, we believe in providing our clients with the option of very sophisticated wealth management and investment services all the way down to basic services with your ability to change it at any time. We understand that our clients have unique needs and goals, and we strive to offer comprehensive solutions that meet those needs. Unlike many of our competitors who only offer basic financial services, we provide a range of services that cover all aspects of our clients’ financial lives.

Investment Management Services


As a fee-only financial firm and a certified B Corporation, we take our role as stewards to our clients very seriously. It’s true that clients need financial institutions like banks, brokers, insurance companies, mutual funds, and ETFs to help manage their money. However, it’s also important to recognize that these institutions are profit-motivated and can prioritize their own bottom lines over their clients’ best interests.

That’s why our role as your advisor is so critical. We provide oversight and due diligence to ensure that our clients are getting all they’re supposed to, understand and minimize any hidden or unnecessary fees. We are committed to advocating for our clients and putting their needs first. By doing so, we significantly increase the odds of our clients achieving their financial goals and building long-term wealth, all while keeping their best interests in mind.

Transparency and Trust: Our Stewardship Philosophy

As a fee-only financial firm and a certified B Corporation, we take our role as stewards to our clients very seriously. It’s true that clients need financial institutions like banks, brokers, insurance companies, mutual funds, and ETFs to help manage their money. However, it’s also important to recognize that these institutions are profit-motivated and can prioritize their own bottom lines over their clients’ best interests.

That’s why our role as advisors is so critical. We provide oversight and due diligence to ensure that our clients are getting all they’re supposed to, without any hidden fees or unnecessary charges. We are committed to advocating for our clients and putting their needs first, always. By doing so, we help our clients achieve their financial goals and build long-term wealth, all while keeping their best interests in mind.

Transparency and Trust: Our Stewardship Philosophy

Unlock Greater Financial Benefits with Our Additional Services

While we pride ourselves on our exceptional investment management services, we know that true financial success requires a more holistic approach. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of financial planning services, including retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning and preparation, and special needs planning. Each of these services can play a critical role in helping you achieve your financial goals. So take a moment to explore them all and when you’re ready to get started, click below to begin your journey with rebel Financial.

Retirement Planning
Our most requested service helps you build a comprehensive retirement plan with confidence and peace of mind for the future.
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Tax Preparation
We offer in-house tax services for our clients to create more benefits from tax preparation and planning to payroll/benefits consulting.
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Estate Planning
We offer personalized estate planning and legal guidance to protect your assets and secure your loved ones' future.
Learn More
Special Needs Planning
We provide specialized planning to ensure your loved one with special needs is taken care of financially, now and in the future.
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