Retirement Planning

How will you continue to support yourself and your family in retirement? We can help you plan for your future.

We'll work with you to create a plan that will evolve as your life changes.

Financial planning is a process, and we’re here to guide you through each step of the way to ensure that your plan remains dynamic across all stages of life. The steps that we’ll guide you through in planning for your retirement include…

rebel Financial's Retirement Planning Process Timeline Vertical
rebel Financial's Retirement Planning Process Timeline
Set Savings Targets & Asset Allocation
How much money will you need to retire while making sure you have an adequate safety net? Should you pay off your mortgage early, save more for retirement, or put more money into non-retirement investments? We can help you define these goals and make a plan.
Develop an Income Plan
How will you continue to account for your expenses in retirement? You need a diversified retirement income strategy to help guide your planning efforts, and we can work with you to create one.
Maximize Your Pension
Whether you’re a public employee, school teacher, or have a private pension, this can be one of your largest retirement planning assets and a benefit election that is generally irrevocable. We help our clients to choose the best options to claim, evaluate timing, choose survivorship options and decide on any lump sum election.
Choose a Social Security Claiming Strategy
When is the correct time for you to take your Social Security benefits? There are hundreds of permutations on how to claim benefits and reasons why one may work better for you.
Create a Solid Estate Plan
Most people will need a Will, Power of Attorney, Living Will, Healthcare Directive, and maybe a trust. We guide our clients’ estate planning efforts while additionally optimizing those efforts with the larger financial plan. Gold and Silver clients have access to our advanced Everplans service.
Use Benefits Plans to Their Max
People have more benefits at work than they realize. Using these plans to the max can have significant planning ramifications, and we find that most employees fail to take full advantage of these opportunities. We can help you maximize your benefits, whether it’s by: maximizing contributions to savings plans, funding an HSA, electing deferred compensation, utilizing after-tax contributions to 401(k)/403(b), in-plan Roth conversions, electing life/disability insurance(s), or exploring Association benefits.
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We help you address the details so you can focus on what matters most.

We want you to retire with confidence. Regardless of your age or wealth, with a financial plan, you can manage your spending and saving, establish short and long-term financial objectives, stay on track by understanding the financial impact of your decisions, and lay the foundation of the retirement you deserve. We’re determined to help you achieve your retirement goals so that you…
Spend more time with your loved ones in retirement

Know When to Retire

Deciding when to retire is very important for most individuals because there are consequences if done too early or too late. It is often not easy to re-enter the workforce after retiring too early, and you may lose important seniority, benefits, tenure, etc. Retiring too late could cost important time with loved ones, risk health-related issues, or shorten the time you have to enjoy what you’ve built. We help clients balance safety, security, and quality of life in their retirement planning decisions.

Live and give without fear in retirement

Never Fear Running Out of Money

We understand that your goal isn’t to be the richest person in the graveyard, but you should be able to live and give without fear. One of the most beneficial side effects of having a financial plan is that it can give you the confidence that you won’t run out of money in retirement, the courage to give more in the short term, and the satisfaction of seeing your gifts make a difference in the long term. 

Live and give without fear in retirement
Seniors in retirement with dog

Leave as Little to Chance as Possible

With proper planning and preparation, you should be able to retire knowing you’re prepared for most of what life may throw at you. The peace of mind that comes with preparation yields a better quality of life so that you can worry less and spend more time with the ones you love.

Let's Start Planning.

* Your first meeting is complimentary. Our consultations are designed to get an idea of your planning needs and to answer any questions you may have about our services and processes. No commitment is required by signing up. 

Still not sure? Watch an on-demand financial plan demo to learn more about rebel Financial’s planning process and our comprehensive retirement services.