Our Difference

Fee- Only Fiduciary to Our Clients

As a fee-only fiduciary, we have a legal responsibility to look out for our client’s best interests before our own. We generally only take compensation from our clients, not the mutual fund, investment, or insurance companies. This means that we have less conflict of interests than many other financial firms/advisors and greater financial loyalty. We work with universities across the state including, Ohio State University, Ohio University, University of Cincinnati, and others to work on OPERS and STRS for employees.Our founder and lead financial advisor, Phil Ratcliff, has over 20 years of experience as a financial advisor, is a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) and Certified Life Underwriter (CLU®). Each and every one of our advisors is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), with notable experience in the field. Located in Columbus, Ohio, we are able to serve our clients with the best knowledge and tools, all while being transparent throughout our process. Read our Regulatory Filings, Firm Brochures & Disclosures.

Making financial planning flexible and affordable

We are dedicated to offering our clients the freedom to choose how they want us to serve them, and how they want to pay us. We offer transparent pricing for all to see because we know we provide tremendous value to our clients.

Watch below to learn how we better design financial plans. 

Our Specialties Include:

Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
Business Planning 

Charitable Giving/Planning
Executive Planning
Exit Planning

The benefit of a small financial planning firm

Through the use of our large custodians, we are able to protect against risk while benefiting you with the agility and freedom that being small affords us. By leveraging these large custodians as a small firm we are able to:

  • Quickly adapt to industry and market changes for our clients.
  • Reduce bureaucracy and inefficiencies.
  • Pass savings on to customers more quickly.
  • Implement technological solutions more quickly and efficiently.

We very much believe that technology can improve the lives of our clients, help us to serve them better, and reduce costs. We have clients all over the United States, making it easy to do web-conferencing to discuss their planning and investments. Some of our current integrations include the rebel Financial personal website, Docusign, Wealthminder, and Morningstar Office.

A socially responsible and personally accountable environment

We stand for what we believe are the ethical obligations of our profession. In our efforts to represent our clients and society in general, we contribute in four important ways:

Financial Activism 

  • Standing up for what is right and not turning a blind eye to white-collar crimes. 
  • Addressing and punishing the fraudulent practices of Predatory Trading.

Voting Proxies for Clients 

  • Today, few investors have the inclination to vote their shares. We hope to influence mutual fund companies to vote with us, persuading companies in the future to do the right thing for responsible, long-term growth. 

Donating 20% of Profits to Charity

  • RIA and Independent Advisors 
  • rebel Financial Foundation