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At rebel Financial, we are always looking to liberate our clients’ financial futures. By submitting a referral, you can help others take control of their financial futures too. 

If there is someone that you think we could help, the best action you can take is to submit their information below so one of our highly-skilled team members can reach out as soon as possible and see if they would like to schedule a meeting with one of our financial coaches/advisors. As a company, referrals are one of the main ways that we continue to grow. Since they are such a crucial part of our progression, we fulfill them with the same diligence and care that we have for our other clients in hopes of forming brand new relationships.

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What Can You Expect For Your Referral

Diligent follow up

We respect you and all of your referrals so we will reach out to them in a highly professional, non-salesy, and respectful manner.

highest level of service

For your referrals, we will offer them the highest level of service that we can, courtesy of being in your circle of trust.

Complimentary Advice

Even if they decide not to become a client, we will still offer them initial complimentary advice to help them get on the right financial path.

If They Decide To Become A Client

They will have access to all of our client services 

Tax Prep
Tax Plan
What Clients Receive
If a referral decides to become a client they are given access to the following. Click the icons to learn more
Jamie Jamieson
jonathan bailey

What happens when you refer someone?

 Following your completion of the referral submission form, one of our financial advisors or coaches will reach out as soon as possible to schedule a complimentary appointment to see if they need any help. 

It is important to us to provide referrals with what is needed for their given situation rather than attempting to sell them a service that they do not need. 

Thank you!

At rebel Financial, we value individuals referred to us as much as you do. That is why it is our priority to care for them as much as you do.

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