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Student loan debt is now the second-highest consumer debt category in the United States, higher than both credit cards and auto loans. According to a 2020 statistic, student loan borrowers in the US owe over $1.5 trillion dollars. Even with the options of student loan forgiveness, certain individuals can be denied and left struggling to pay off their well-earned higher education. Having a plan on how to pay for your education, whether you are a current student or a worrying parent, is essential to overcome any student loan debts. The college planning service at rebel Financial can help you make the best decisions for your situation.


Tools to help you plan and pay

Custom software tailored just for college financial planning.

Prep Before Enrollment

Determine your aid, funds, and costs for any college before making any enrollment decisions.

In College Payer

Make a strategy while enrolled to start paying. Utilize grants and scholarships to help analyze your plan.

Student Loan Repayer

For new or older loans. Determine the best strategy for repayment for your situation.

What Can We Offer?

• Offer an analysis of colleges, programs, and costs to create an in-depth plan.

• Understands the characteristics of students to identify specific needs and opportunities.

• Help calculate Expected Family Contribution (EFC), & improve strategies over time.

• Create plans based on costs, options, and recommendations.

• Offer 3 to 6 meetings for gathering data, delivering plans, & reviewing implementations.

 An in-depth analysis of all student loans through our planning software.

• Test various scenarios to determine the optimal repayment option(s).

• Test for loan forgiveness and offer information associated with its risks & benefits.

• Outline various strategies with recommendations, and formalize your plan for implementation.

• Assign an experienced Financial Advisor to you.

Frequently Asked


We use a robust college planning tool that offers an “all-in-one solution” for college financial planning. You can learn more about the software we use here.

A support advisor and a planning review will be assigned to you with all services. The advisor will review all your information and assist you with making the best decision for your situation. Advisors are available in-person or through webinars.

rebel Financial is a fee-only, fiduciary advising firm that assists clients in making financial decisions in their best interest. Our advisors are all CFP certified and are all trained on the latest technological trends to give the best advice. In regard to student loans, our advisors always try to find the best strategy for you in whatever financial situation you may be in.

– After you contact us about the service, you will be contacted to answer any questions or to get you started in the process.

– You will get an account on our PayForEd software where you will be able to enter in all of your college planning data and have access to our online tools.

– Your inputs will be double-checked and we will run analysis reports based on the tier of service that you are provided. – All reports and strategies will be discussed with you either in person or online through webinars.

All of our college planning services are offered as a one-time flat fee. Our flat fee chart is displayed on our one-time pricing page. If you become an on-going client with rebel, all college planning services are included on erebel or above plans.

You can learn more about our plans here:


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