Special Needs Planning

Raising a child with a disability can be both richly rewarding and all-consuming. Parents are often so busy meeting the day-to-day needs of their children that there is often little spare time to plan for the future. rebel Financial understands the unique demands placed on special needs families, and is committed to making the planning process as straightforward and productive as possible. Our team of professionals understands the public assistance benefits available to your loved ones, and will ensure that these benefits are taken into account as the financial plan is constructed.

Special Needs Introduction

Watch our introduction video by our Special Needs Planning expert, Barry Jamieson. Get a feel on what services and value we can provide to get you and your loved ones on the right track to a bright financial future. 

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Holistic Planning That Fits You and Your Child's Needs

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning for Special Needs Families can be complex. To avoid affecting the public assistance benefits the child with a disability may qualify for, a Special Needs Trust (SNT) is often drafted to avoid limiting the public assistance benefits the child is entitled to receive. Working with an estate planning attorney who has broad knowledge of Social Security and Medicaid is critical in drafting estate planning documents correctly. We will connect you with estate planning attorneys who have expertise working with special needs families.

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Retirement Planning

Special needs retirement planning involves the development of two distinct plans: one for the parents and one for the child. These plans need to complement one another in order to maximize the benefits available to both. An overall successful plan carefully balances the goals and needs of the family with the goals and needs of the child with a disability.

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Tax & Benefit Planning

Understanding how government benefits are impacted by various financial decisions of the family is critical in both maximizing public assistance benefits and in minimizing taxes.

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Saving & Investing

Many states have useful accounts available to help children with disabilities save (for example, Ohio offers STABLE accounts). These accounts offer a great way to build up assets for the child with a disability, but depending on the family’s situation, may or may not be the best savings mechanism. Whole life insurance can be another great way to provide for your child’s future. The investment plan should be tailored to meet the goals and risk tolerance of both the parent and the child with a disability.

Get Started!

Each financial planning area (e.g. benefit, tax, retirement, estate planning) can be challenging for families with a special needs child. Each area needs to be considered holistically in order to create a plan that is beneficial for both the family and the child. Because of the complexity involved, the planning process can be a daunting task and one that is easily put off. The important thing is to simply get started with creating your financial plan. At Rebel Financial, we will provide the tools and expertise that will help you create a special needs plan that uniquely meets the needs of both the family and the child with a disability.

Take a look at our process:

Balance sheet, goals, and objectives
Create Estate Planning Documents
Formulate financial plans
Project tax statuses
Determine Risk tolerance and capacity
Formulate investment strategies
Implement investment strategies
Monitor, rebalance, and report
Reevaluate plan

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