rebel Financial is a full service wealth management firm

Wealth management is more than just investment management and/or financial planning. We help our clients build a financial plan, take care of their investments, coordinate their benefits through work, make sure they’re protected through their insurance and protection strategies, tax planning and preparation, and make sure they have a good and up to date estate plan. If you are interested in working with a firm that can help you comprehensively with any or all of these things, please read below to explore our different services.

Investment Management

Investment philosophy provides a clear pathway to get you to achieve your desired goals and aspirations. We believe our unique process of combining relationships, knowledge, and technology helps us choose an investment strategy that works for each individual client. Our investment philosophy of producing a high probability of success with a statistically least amount of risk, helps us attain a more efficient market return for our clients. Watch our Investment Update video. 

Retirement Planning

This is the most common financial planning specialty objective and the most common reason people hire a financial advisor. Whether you are saving for retirement and are worried about meeting your objectives or you are approaching your retirement date and are worried about securing your future, we can help you in financial decision-making. Our retirement planning specialties make sure you get what you need to be comfortable. 

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College Planning

With student loan debt being the second highest debt category in the United States, it is essential to have a stable financial plan set so that paying for higher education is easier, simpler, and less stressful. Our college planning specialty is for the worrying parent that wants to support their child into their college career or for a student that is ready to pay off their student loan debt. We offer a flat-fee pricing structure if you are only interested in the financial plan and we offer it complementary in our service package as a client thorough us. 

Tax Planning/Preparation

Tax planning is a very important aspect of your financial plan. While we still work closely with our partner CPA firms, we strive to continually bring more value and service to our clients. In this effort we are creating in house tax services to create more services from tax preparation to tax planning to payroll/benefits consulting. 

Estate Planning

People do not like to think about what will happen when they pass the torch to the next generation.  Unfortunately, this can lead to massive inefficiency, unintended family quarrels, and a potentially significant reduction in the size of your estate.  In many cases, it does not take a lot amount of time or money to create an adequate financial estate plan.  Whether you need to make a complex plan to make sure that your family is taken care of, or whether you just need some simple guidance, come see us and we’ll help you get started. 

Retirement Plans

People mainly seek out financial advice because they are worried about retirement.  Retirement assets and savings make up the bulk of most Americans’ wealth, yet many people are unsure if it will be enough. Retirement planning is important, therefore, we’re dedicated to making it successful for our clients. Plan your retirement smartly so you don’t have to worry about it later. 

We help many of our clients with general investment advice, planning for children/grandchildren’s education funding, caring for elderly or extended family members, and many other niche planning areas. Call us if you have a specific planning need to see how we might be able to help or call to ask about any of our other Planning Specialties.