It’s time that your Financial Advisor put you before their profits

In 2013, rebel Financial was created to challenge the “Wall Street” status-quo of corporate greed through profit maximization. We believe that all companies should be good community actors, running social enterprises, that try to embetter all stakeholders, not just shareholders. Our team is dedicated to helping our clients reach their financial goals, solving complex financial challenges, helping our employees reach their full-potential, being a proactive member of our community, all while striving to make the society we live in more inclusive, more socially mobile, and a more economically equal.

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Fee-Only planners are compensated directly by their clients for advice, plan implementation and for the ongoing management of assets. We are a member of National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), which is the leading professional association of fee-only financial advisors. All NAPFA members are required to work only within the Fee-Only structure, accepting no commissions for their work.


Fiduciary financial advisors are legally obligated to put their clients’ financial interests above their own, and they have to disclose how they’re compensated and avoid potential conflicts of interest that could affect the recommendations they make. Their duty of loyalty is to their clients. On the other hand, non-fiduciary advisors only have to make suitable recommendations. Their loyalty is to their firm. 

Professional Excellence

We believe that our Financial Advisors should be their clients’ most trusted professional whose profession is giving you high-quality investment and planning advice. As such, we require that all of our advisors be credentialed Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) Professionals and satisfy at least 60 hours of continuing education every year.

Leveraging Technology

Technology is helping to level the playing field. Previously, financial planning and sophisticated investment management was reserved for the ultra-wealthy because it took specialized/expensive professionals to deliver, required costly brick-and-mortar facilities, and the subsequent services were not easily scale-able. We’ve integrated some of the best technologies into our services, to deliver much of the value of these out-dated models at a fraction of the cost

We don’t turn people away

While we may not be the perfect “fit” for everyone’s needs, we have a huge disdain for the common industry practice of turning people away because they don’t have “enough money” to meet most firms’ minimums. We believe every person deserves quality investment advice, financial planning guidance, and we are working every day to make it more accessible and affordable to our fellow citizens.

Values-based Investing

The truth is that most Americans do not agree with the way that most publicly traded companies are not contributing to the communities in which they harvest huge profits, shirking their subsequent tax responsibilities, enriching themselves with lavish executive compensation schemes while not being good stewards to the majority of their employees, sacrificing our environment for short-term profits and generally barely doing what is legal much less what most of us would consider “right”. At rebel Financial, we are building great investment strategies that align our clients’ values with great performance in which we try to hold these corporate leaders responsible to what our/your ethics and morals say is right. We own these companies and they should be accountable to us!

Financial Planning for Every Stage of Your Life

Investment Management

Retirement Planning

College Planning

Tax Preparation

Estate Planning

Be apart of our movement!

We are starting a “rebelution” to change the way Financial Services empowers people to take control of their financial future.

We want to help people do more with what they have and then have more than what they would have otherwise had.

Then we want to empower these people to use their resources to ensure our corporate leaders live up to our Values.

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