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One of our guiding principles is to help more people excel with their resources and to assist in reducing income and wealth inequality. rFreemium is our attempt to provide more advice and tools directed towards helping people when it’s unaffordable to be on our paid plans. See all of our services.

What Is rFreemium?

rFreemium is our new service in which you can organize your financial life, track spending, make budgets, and make a relationship with a financial company that truly believes in helping you be better in a way that is affordable and not detrimental to your financial future.

What Is Available With rFreemium?

You'll be able to see all of your accounts in one place and any external account through the use of your rFPW

Since you are a rebel client through rFreemium, you will be more protected against data miners trying to get your external information.

You can track your spending and create budget plans

Create simple goals based planning and have the ability to create reports based on your planning

The ability to use an investment management service or a robo advisor. This will take place of a financial advisor

Coming soon: Automated AI Advisor

rebel Financial Personal Website (rFPW)

Our rebel Financial Personal Website (rFPW) is rebel’s online hub, where you can keep track of your accounts, set budgets, store documents, and create financial plans online! This is our main high-tech portal for you to be able to organize your information. Watch this video to see what you will have access to.

rebel Financial Personal Website Example Dashboard Screen

What You Can Expect

Find out what you can expect when signing up for rFreemium and what steps you will need to take once the signup process has been completed. 

After signing up, youll begin to receive multiple emails of things that will need to be complete to start your rFreemium process.

After signing up, you will sign a client agreement with rebel Financial showing that you acknowledge our services.

You will be sent your login credentials to build out your rFPW. Learn more about the rFPW here.

You will receive questionnaires for Riskalyze, Ethos, and Investment Personalities that you will need to fill out.

You will gain access to our client hub where you will be able to view tutorials, events, sign up for taxes and other services, and more.

After signing up for rFreemium, upgrading will be easy. Just let us now what tier you’re wanting to start out as! Check out our pricing or let us know you want to upgrade.

Professional excellence

Financial plans are always completed by Certified Financial Planners (CFP) who all have at least a BA/BS and we require at least 60 hours of continuing education per year.

What makes us different?

Cutting edge technology

As a smaller company, freed from the bureaucratic gridlock of most large institutions, we implement the newest technology years before most of our competitors to build your plan with the best available tools.

Freedom: Hire us on your own terms

Whether you want a one-time fee for advice/plan or want to hire us for the long-term, you are free to choose from multiple plans under either arrangement that fits your particular need.

"We believe in you from day one, not only when you have $100k to $500k to invest."

rFreemium +

We’re excited to announce our new offering, Freemium +, which provides an upgrade to our freemium service, now with the added benefit of managing your investment accounts for a nominal fee.

Freemium plus image

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