Why partner with rebel Financial for Halal Investing?

rebel Financial offers Halal investing because we believe it’s not only about the profit, it’s about the person. Every person has a set of values and beliefs they live by, so ask yourself “Why shouldn’t the companies I invest in share these same beliefs and values as me?  ” Sometimes it can be forgotten when you invest your money in company stock— you are then a part of the company. Don’t compromise or conflict with your beliefs to settle for a company that is profit-driven and not purpose-driven. Here at rebel, our purpose—” people before profit” — continues to motivate us to be the best financial advisors for our clients. This is why we want our clients to have the option to align their wallets with their Halal values, and only invest in companies that are screened to ensure they are Shariah-compliant.

We make certain to partner with Halal mutual fund companies that only present investments that eliminate Haram options to prioritize Shariah beliefs. rebel Financial is ready to help you with your Halal investing needs by going further than just talking about investments. We are ready to be a partner and coach to make sure you achieve all the financial goals of your life. Whether it be retirement planning, investment planning/management, or tax prep and questions. 


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Use our free Riskalyze assessment to determine your stance on the level of risk you have when investing.  We offer five different risk level options: Aggressive, Moderate-aggressive, Moderate, Conservative plus, and Conservative, we will be able to offer you a plan that is compatible with your risk tolerance while achieving your investment goals within your portfolio. rebel Financial goes above and beyond to monitor your investments daily, provide access to the latest investment software and applications, and be a resource for you and your finances.

We Partner with Amana, Azzad, Wahed, and SP fund companies to ensure all investments are Shariah-compliant.  What this means, is all investments are screened to make sure no investments are Haram, Riba, or Gharar.

Screening Criteria for Halal Investing


Haram refers to something that is not permitted. Companies that include Haram principles include those that are involved with alcohol, gambling, gaming activities, pork/pork products, pornography, tobacco, and conventional interest-based financial services.



Riba refers to an increase, such as interest. If interest is charged on loans or deposits it is considered illegal and exploitative. Making riba illegal encourages people to act charitably by loaning money without interest.



Gharar means uncertainty and is associated with deception involving uncertainty and risk. It can include gambling, contracts not in clear terms, derivative transactions, and selling something of uncertain quality. 


Does your investing strategy align with your values?

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