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It is important for many of our clients to be able to align their investments with their personal religious beliefs. In the last couple years this has become a reality for our Christian investors who wish to invest according to their ideals while not having to sacrifice significant investment return or the quality of their underlying investment portfolio.

Building Your Christian Investment Portfolio

To try and build the strongest and most diverse investment strategy for our Christian portfolio strategies, we use a mix of different Protestant and Catholic fund managers. Our investment strategy is not always going to be 100% what any one denomination believes but we believe our research and process creates a more optimal investment strategy that aligns to a very high degree with most of our Christian clients’ beliefs (definitely far superior to any non-Christian Values oriented investment strategy).

Some of the issues that are screened for in many of the underlying portfolio managers’ investment decisions include:
  • Abortion

  • Pornography

  • Anti-Family Entertainment

  • Alternative Lifestyles

  • Embryonic Stem Cell Research

  • Planned Parenthood

  • Alcohol

  • Gambling

Below are a few of the investment companies that we partner with to create our Christian Values portfolios and their logos link to their corresponding websites, which explain more on their underlying investment strategies and principals:

GuideStone-Funds-300x150 Timothy-Plan-Funds-300x146

Ave-Maria-Funds-300x135 Eventide-SRI-Logo-300x117


Currently, we can build these portfolios for our clients who are Asset Management or Full-Service clients of our firm in their IRA, Roth IRA, and After-Tax investment accounts. Unfortunately, these portfolios generally cannot be instituted in most employer plans.

*However, if you are decision maker and have the authority to switch retirement plan providers, we do have a 401k/retirement plan product in which we can build this into your company’s retirement plan.*


Thank you so much for you time and consideration of rebel Financial and we do hope that we can help you towards a brighter financial future!


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