Christian Values Investment Management

Biblically Responsible Investing

Christian Value Investing is about investing in what matters. Whether you are just starting out on your walk with Jesus or mature like Paul, our faithful investing strategy could be right for you. The stocks and bonds we own are filtered to be committed to honoring God both now and into eternity with their actions.

At rebel Financial our mission is to always put people before profit. It’s our form of stewardship, using what we’ve been given or earned to put others before ourselves. In the same way, stewardship is given extra attention for investments in this type of account. We look for companies that put extra emphasis on serving those around them: both inside and outside the office.

Using firms with Christian financial resources will help invest in companies that value people like Jesus does. Because of this, another cool feature is how we go deep into the actions of firms we hold. Our firms are held accountable for their operations and display Christ-like values of life, purity, family, marriage, sobriety, health, and stewardship. 

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God created people in his own image. Our firms stand by life and what it means starting from before birth.


Pornography is a major issue in society. Now more than ever we need to stand with firms who are fighting against this injustice.


Families are the backbone of society. Strong families equal strong churches, communities, and nations.


Our funds look for companies that value marriage in the same way God defined it between two people.


We filter out companies that are engaged in the creation and selling of alcoholic products. When left unchecked, alcoholism can have negative effects on marriages, families, and life in general.


We are all part of the body of Christ according to Paul. Because we are part of Christ, our bodies matter to Christ. We look for firms that are committed to providing health outlets for their employees and committed to making society healthier as a whole.


See our resources on stewardship in our motto “people before profit”, our blogs, and how our company truly lives out this value through our non-profits and individual commitment to community outreach.

Give and Grow

One main way we can help you give back while on your investment journey is through a Donor-Advised Fund strategy. God calls us to be stewards of our resources. Donor-Advised Funds are one strategy to maximize the charitable contributions He allows us to make.

Learn more about Donor-Advised Funds via our Article and PDF below. 

Donar-Advised Fund Webinar

Watch our comprehensive webinar which goes more in-depth on donor-advised funds, providing examples of when and how to use them, as well as a live demonstration on using a donor-advised fund plan for your investment strategies. 

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Christian Financial Resources

Below are a few of the investment companies that we partner with to create our Christian Values portfolios. Click on their logos to see more of their underlying beliefs and principles:

Discover Your Risk Tolerance

Use our free Riskalyze assessment to determine your stance on the level of risk you have when investing.  We offer five different risk level options: Aggressive, Moderate-aggressive, Moderate, Conservative plus, and Conservative, we will be able to offer you a plan that is compatible with your risk tolerance while achieving your investment goals within your portfolio. rebel Financial goes above and beyond to monitor your investments daily, provide access to the latest investment software and applications, and be a resource for you and your finances.