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]SHARE is the future of transportation in Central, Ohio. “We want to be the most trusted and efficient transportation option for jobs, education, and healthcare. We believe access to transportation means access to opportunities.” –SHARE


Ryan McManus is the CEO of SHARE, which was founded in 2016 with the help of his wife. McManus has been an entrepreneurial mind from the beginning. He founded companies like ContentVia and actively supports other entrepreneurs in Columbus.

McManus’s new company, SHARE, is a microtransit service. Its mission is to create a transportation system where everyone is a passenger. Upon development, this system has the potential to solve problems that arise with city traffic. 


How was it created?

This organization was originally going to be founded in Portland, Oregon. At first, Ryan wanted to create an app, but decided there was a greater need for a microtransit service. After coming to this conclusion, Ryan and his wife, Hoa, moved to Columbus to pursue this business opportunity. 


What SHARE does now

Currently, SHARE works with employers, schools, senior living and healthcare facilities. Their focus is on perfecting their service and connecting passengers with the most cost effective routes. SHARE provides rides that are scheduled in advance, hires professional drivers, and drops off passengers at their door. 

In the past year, SHARE has partnered with the City of Dublin. They pick passengers up from COTA bus stops, then drive them to their job. This is an attempt to solve the “last mile problem” through multimodal public transit and so far, has had great success. Additionally, SHARE drives seniors who are in assisted living. They create personalized routes to meet the needs of their riders and strive to improve their quality of life.


What the future holds

Ultimately, McManus believes that this service can solve problems in Columbus such as heavy traffic, lack of parking, and carbon emissions. If more people carpool to everyday destinations like work or school, these issues will be addressed.


If this city gets to the point where all vehicles on the road are autonomous, we will also have safer conditions. At this point in time, that is not viable but when it is, SHARE will be in support.


A flaw with public transportation is the lack of accessibility due to higher insurance rates. SHARE aims to fill the gap and eventually, make all their vehicles accessible to those with disabilities. 



To wrap things up, SHARE has a bright future. In the last year, they have grown immensely and will continue to do so as they bring value to the public transportation system. 

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