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YMT Consultants

The goal of YMT Consultants is to support, guide, and educate start-up and existing business owners as they launch and grow their business.” Mary McCarthy is the President and CEO of Your Management Team, also known as YMT Consultants. This company was founded in 2009. Its purpose is to give other small business owners direction. Mary fell in love with being an entrepreneur as her own business thrived and she experienced freedom. Her background in entrepreneurship and consulting ultimately helps her company today. Mary is able to advise clients from years of past experience. YMT Consultants specializes in aiding microbusinesses: a business that has less than 20 employees. 92% of Ohio’s businesses are in fact microbusinesses! They provide many jobs and allow the economy to grow. “How YMT Consultants Works “When entrepreneurs start a business, sometimes they need direction on what areas to improve. It’s very easy to become emotionally invested and this is where YMT comes in. They provide an outside perspective when it gets hard for the client to make a clear decision. YMT Consultants focuses on three different areas of business. They are sales and marketing activity, finances, and leadership development.


As a business grows these are the vital departments that need to have a strong foundation in order to succeed. YMT offers one on one consulting which helps a client in setting goals and aligning them with their values.

This organization also consults based on what the client wants. For example, if a client wants to become a multi-million dollar company YMT will help them!  But if the client only wants to stay afloat YMT will do that too. When entrepreneurs start a business sometimes they need direction in what areas to improve in. It’s very easy to become emotionally invested and this is where YMT comes in. They provide an outside perspective when it gets hard for the client to make clear decisions.

Through consistent programming, WSBA accomplishes mentoring, educating, and guiding.

Coming up on June 28 2019, WSBA will be hosting an all-day conference. There will also be a keynote speaker and luncheon; so if you are interested in attending, sign up here.


In conclusion, Mary McCarthy is greatly impacting Columbus and has been for many years. Through her substantial efforts, the community has a reliable resource to turn to when starting a business.

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