rF LiveBroadcast – Michael Corey With Human Service Chamber of Franklin County

The Human Service Chamber of Franklin County is an organization that is dedicated to helping other nonprofits prosper in Central Ohio. Michael Corey, the recent Executive Director is radiating philanthropy and dedication in this interview with our senior advisor, Tony Jones.

Starting out, Michael graduated from Ohio State’s Moritz College of Law and is the first attorney to be the director of the HSC. His work in the 2016 election, being the Regional Voter Protection Director shows his colorful background and knowledge of the law and legislative procedures. His passion for public policy and Columbus shines bright in this interview.

The HSC has been an organization since 2010. The chamber’s goal? To make a unified voice for nonprofits in Franklin County. The diverse community of nonprofits in Columbus has both its benefits and challenges, explains Michael. “Our job is to fight for them”. All C3 organizations providing direct service work in Franklin County can be a member of the HSC. With 72 members in standing as of now, the HSC is always looking for more organizations to join the chamber. Michael claims that there is “over 8,000 nonprofit organizations in Franklin County alone”, but it’s hard to know exactly what number of organizations are doing direct work with people.

“It’s been the best job in the world. I feel satisfied and grateful every day I get to do this work.” – Michael Corey

“How do we make this stronger and better. How are we helping our members and how are we helping the community at the same time?” That’s the long term thought to Michael Corey. The immediate issues that Michael points out is housing and all the other challenges that revolve around it. The surge in cost of living plus food access impacts the community, which resonates with the major issue, housing. Even with effective organizations, like food banks, there is still so many challenges to these issues. Michael points out that there are Columbus-based organizations that are ready to work with the nonprofit community to make changes.

“How to take a step back and approach this holistically, while still having some priorities about how we go about doing this work.” – Michael Corey

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