rF LiveBroadcast with Patrick Terrien of CCWA

In our latest Live Broadcast, we hosted Patrick Terrien, CEO and President of Columbus Council on World Affairs (CCWA). Terrien oversees and leads all aspects of programming and strategy for the CCWA as well as revenue generation, community partnerships, staffing, and strategic planning. “I grew up with a mom that was a french teacher. And so, every day everything was about what’s going on in the world and what are other people thinking beyond the U.S. I think that’s what sparked my interest in other cultures,” says Terrien.

The Columbus Council on World Affairs

The non-profit organization was created in 1975 by twelve individuals who represented the Columbus community in a cross-section of business, academic, and civic. One of the CCWA’s main mission is to spread global awareness in the Columbus region, with a focus on trade, security, environment, health, and population. The CCWA generates topics and programs on some of the world’s current & important issues, encouraging people to understand various cultural environments and thrive in an ever changing world.

Programs and Training

Global Fluency Training: With the world and workforce continuously increasing in diversity, this program provides professionals with the proper tools, awareness, and confidence to work in various cultures. Through hands-on experience, practical examples, and research on how cultures differ, thousands of professionals have credited the training towards their success. 

Global Scholars Diploma: The three-year program is partnered with numerous school districts across the region, providing high school students with stronger global education. During these three years, students get to work with global community partners, businesses, civic leaders, and people of diverse backgrounds. Their mission is to increase awareness, build skills, and take action. 

Signature Luncheons: The CCWA offers luncheons that feature commentary from experts and international speakers on a variety of relevant topics. For example, some upcoming luncheons cover topics of Women in The World, Climate Change, and Immigration. All luncheons are open to the public and encourage participation. 

International Awards Ceremony: Being the CCWA’s highest profile event, over 600 academic, civic, and business leaders attend the event, honoring the international company. Eighty percent of funds raised during this event goes towards supporting educational programs for students, teachers, and communities. 

Mission Partners

Mission Partners are other organizations who have been actively engaged with the CCWA for many years. The partner companies share a similar mission to reach as well as invest resources, intellect, experience, marketing, and help volunteer. Some well-known mission partners consist of HondaAbbottNationwide, and Lbrands.

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