Hacks to Save on Fitness

Save on Fitness

You can save on fitness more easily than most people think. Learn that being active doesn’t need to empty your wallet!

Breaking the EXPENSIVE Stereotype

You can stay fit while on a budget, it’s possible! Living a fit lifestyle has become increasingly trendy, along with many overpriced clothes, shoes, and electronics. Not to mention, the rise of luxury gyms that produce the top athletes

The industry is using consumer interest in fitness to make money. Plain and simple. Furthermore, the solution is simple as well! Don’t give into sleazy marketing techniques meant to drain your wallet. Read below for tips to save on fitness.

Hacks to Save BIG

Type of Exercise

If you are new to exercising, research what type of activity will give you the results you want. The most common form of exercise is cardio, but there is also weightlifting, yoga, swimming, boxing, and countless others. 

You can save money by training outside the gym and it is free of cost! For example, cardio can be done outside, yoga can be done at home, and swimming can be done at a community center. 

Sase on fitness
Choose a Gym if Needed

If you choose to join a gym, save on startup fees by signing up in January or August. Around this time is when discounts are typically offered because interest in membership peaks after New Years or back to school.  If you are a student, ask if your gym offers discounts. 

Research different gyms in you area, compare the prices and ask for a free trial. One of the biggest mistakes people make is signing up for a membership that offers more than they need. There is no reason to go to a gym with a variety of equipment if you are just going there to use a treadmill. Similarly, if you only use the gym during the cooler months, ask if you can have a shorter contract or reduced price. Many managers are willing to work with potential members.

If you already have a gym membership, you can still save money. Double check to see what type of plan you are on. Sometimes, you may be paying more for amenities you don’t use and can save by switching to the basic plan. Additionally, skip the personal trainer. There are many resourceful YouTube channels and Instagram pages to learn from.

save on fitness

Clothing and Shoes for Men and Women

There are pricey brands that many athletes wear such as Lululemon, Nike, Adidas, Gymshark etc. Consequently, people associate being fit with these brands. This can be difficult if you don’t have a budget for such prices. 

Stores such as H&M, Forever 21, Amazon, Old Navy, Ross, and TJMax offer the same style clothes for half the price! From personal experience, I have loved a pair of leggings from Amazon more than a pair of Nike leggings. I would rather sweat in a $5 tank top than a shirt that cost me $35. 

Gym shoes can get expensive. Is $170-$200 really worth it for those brand new Adidas Ultraboosts? Save on fitness by shopping outlet retailers and Amazon. They often sell shoes for as low as half the price. 


Buy off-brand headphones, they work just as well or better! Amazon keeps coming up in this article because it has EVERYTHING! There are countless Bluetooth headphones or earbud options that cost $30 or less versus the average $200 for Beats! Look out for the product reviews and see what is most comparable.


In conclusion, do your research before making a commitment. Additionally, read reviews and compare product prices. Also, use your resources like the internet and social media to learn more about exercising. Stick with basic membership packages if you are a beginner and build up from there.

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