rF LIVE Broadcast: Create Columbus Commission

Create Columbus Commission

If you haven’t heard by now, Create Columbus Commission (CCC) is a local group of young professionals. Their mission is to further Columbus’ growth and create a city where young professionals want to work and live.

Densil, our broadcast guest, is extremely dedicated and likes to keep busy. He is currently the chair of Create Columbus Commission in addition to his current position at the Wexner Center of Arts.Create Columbus Commission gives back to the community while being guided by three initiatives: economic prosperity, urban pulse, and co-creation.

Economic Prosperity

CCC wants to improve the financial security and health of the emerging workforce in Columbus. According to Create Columbus Commission’s website, young professionals are more likely to stay if they view moving to the city as a long term investment.

Urban Pulse

This organization makes an effort to attract young professionals to Columbus. This is done through investing in neighborhoods and the urban scene. Incorporating a vibrant nightlife is also essential in bringing more visitors to the city.


CCC believes that young professionals are the key to this city’s future in progression and competitiveness. Furthermore, CCC encourages young professionals to be actively engaged in committees, boards, and commissions in Columbus. In turn, CCC hopes that the city will keep progressing and making necessary changes This organization’s biggest project is awarding grants to community members. The purpose of the grants is to enhance the professional lives of the young workforce in Columbus.

An example of a grant is “Opening Our Doors to Mental Health: Alzheimer’s”. It was awarded to a group of young adults, who wanted to create a film on mental illnesses in effort to end the stigma. Countless other grants have been given out since 2013, amounting to over $250,000. In addition to the grants, Create Columbus Commission recognizes young professionals through their award program. Four times a year, the Create Columbus Visionary Award is presented to an individual who made a big difference in the community. A similar award is presented to an outstanding organization instead of an individual. Although the Create Columbus Commission was only created in 2007, they have made great strides in the past twelve years. Recently in 2017, they became independent from The Columbus City Council and have more freedom to move forward with their initiatives as needed.

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