The Personal Trainer On Your Wrist


The Personal Trainer On Your Wrist


When you think of artificial intelligence, enhancing your lifespan is probably not the first thing that comes to mind.  But a new kind of fitness app is giving us a glimpse of a future where your lifestyle can be monitored in real time for its impact on your health and longevity.


The app is an intelligent chatbot-cum-AI-personal-trainer created by Vancouver-based tech startup Eterly, designed to fit into wearables that can monitor not only your daily step count, but also you heart rate in real time, and how much (and how well) you sleep.  It prompts you to give it information on your eating habits, vitamin intake and even your mood.  Your algorithmically determined “longevity score” is updated on a daily basis.


Although the goal is to prompt users to adopt a healthier lifestyle that has been shown to promote longer lives, the app should also improve the quality of life into old age.  You can download the app to your smartphone, called Eterly, from the Google Play and iTunes store.  But the wearable “Fitbit-like” version is not expected to be out and available until early 2019.




Post by Bob Veres

Bob Veres, a Financial Planning columnist in San Diego, is publisher of Inside Information, an information service for financial advisors.

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