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Government Shutdown Consequences As the U.S. government shutdown enters its second week, you might wonder how so many shuttered government agencies and laid-off federal workers will affect the economy and your portfolio. The good news is that the economic impact, overall, is likely to be small. In late 2013, a similar government shutdown, spanning 16 […]

Would you like to lower the volatility of your investment portfolio? There’s an easy solution. No, the solution we’re thinking of is not to retreat to cash—which, even in times of low inflation, is a strategy doomed to steadily lose the buying power of your portfolio. All that does is guarantee a downside. Diversification will […]

      Tax Opportunities Before Year-End Every year, U.S. taxpayers face a number of year-end deadlines which, if ignored, can be costly and even punitive. In the latter category, consider people over age 70 1/2 who forget to take the full required minimum distribution from their IRA or 401(k). If they get the calculation wrong, or […]

Fit Travel to Personality Where should you go on your next vacation trip?  Your satisfaction and enjoyment level may depend on who you are, according to psychologist Joshua Jackson, associate professor at Washington University in St. Louis.  He identifies five core personality types—extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness.  And then he identifies a great potential […]

Buy a Snoop, Sell Your Privacy Here’s an interesting idea.  Let’s suppose, for a moment, that you run a company that has recently developed an unfortunate reputation for major security breaches, when it isn’t actually allowing its advertisers and other vendors access to your personal, private information.  Let’s say, in fact, that its whole business […]

The New Manufacturing We hear about how artificial intelligence is going to change the workforce, and how computers are taking over the world.  But perhaps the biggest shift in our industrial lives has been flying under the radar: rather than making things, we will soon be “printing” them. A new “metal printing press” developed by […]

What High-Achieving People Have Learned to Give Up High-achieving people will tell you that they sacrificed to get where they are, but what, exactly, did they sacrifice?  An article in Forbes magazine lists 18 things that high-achieving people routinely give up—and many of them are not what you would expect. Number one on the list: […]

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