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Are Automation Fears Overblown? The robots are coming for your job, and eventually they’re going to get it.  Right? Maybe not.  A new report by the OECD (the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development)—an intergovernmental economic organization with 36 member countries—has concluded that only 14% of jobs in developed countries are “highly automatable.”  This would […]

Peace in our Times Is America one of the world’s most peaceful countries, or one of the least?  An organization called the Institute for Economics and Peace actually measures, for every country, something called the GPI (Global Peace Index).  The measurement takes into account the societal safety and security of each country’s citizens, the extent […]

Behind the Turkish Meltdown What the heck is going on in Turkey?  Whatever it is, it’s having a visible effect on the markets.  After the Turkish stock market index fell more than 24% since the start of August, Eurozone bank stocks fell 24% and emerging markets stocks overall (a category which includes Turkish stocks) dropped […]

Goodbye Marriage Penalty—Almost One of the unexpected gifts from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was the virtual elimination of the so-called “marriage penalty.” But at the same time, the new tax regime imposes a new “stealth” marriage penalty which will show up for taxpayers in higher-tax states. The marriage penalty is roughly […]

Health and Technology Technology for health is finally moving beyond the Fitbit and counting your steps, to more complicated feedback like improving your posture and correcting your running stride. An article in the online version of Forbes magazine lists seven fitness-enhancing gadgets that you might want to consider as a way to facilitate a healthier […]

The Alarming Truth About American Healthcare Costs In all the debate over how or whether we need affordable care, state registries, guaranteed coverage despite pre-existing conditions etc. etc., few Americans realize that our U.S. healthcare system has been totally out of control, cost-wise, for decades.  A recent study by the Kaiser Foundation found that virtually […]

5G On the Way Get ready for faster broadband coverage.  Engineers at the University of Sussex and collaborators around the telecom industry have successfully tested the so-called “5G” mobile broadband signals, which have data rates that are 20 times faster than the 4G systems introduced in the U.S. market a decade ago.  The first 5G […]

Health Risks for Frequent Travelers If you’re a road warrior who spends your life on airplanes, then you probably already suspect that the lifestyle is not ideal for your health.  Stress, sleep interruption, unhealthy eating and drinking and lack of exercise can add up to chronic disease risks. A recent study of electronic medical data […]

The Secret Recipe for Laziness For many people, laziness is not a virtue; it is something that has to be overcome with daily habits and willpower.  But what about the driven Type A personality who has been told by his/her doctor that the current lifestyle will almost certainly lead to a premature death?  How can […]

What to Know About the World Microsoft founder Bill Gates recently wrote a blog column outlining the three most important facts that people should know about our world today.  It turns out that there were actually quite a number of facts, but they were related to three basic categories of human existence. First the bad […]

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