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Someday, maybe before long, it will become normal again to get on a plane, and the more daring of us might even decide to travel outside the United States. But as we ease back into long-distance vacations, there is going to be an uneasy period where there are greater than normal numbers of cancellations, delays [...]

January 28, 2021

Bob Veres

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You might have read that people who were forced to put their social lives on hold due to the coronavirus adopted dogs and cats in record numbers last year, wiping out the population of these popular animals in shelters. As it happens, this was a bit of an exaggeration. Shelter Animals Count's national database calculated [...]

January 16, 2021

Bob Veres

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Chances are, unless you’re a healthcare worker or living in a nursing home, you are still waiting for the opportunity to get vaccinated against the dreaded COVID-19 virus. And you might be wondering how effectively your state is managing the vaccination rollout. You don’t have to wonder; a website is now closely tracking the COVID-19 [...]

December 17, 2020


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Fundraising events held throughout the year are often the largest sources of income for some nonprofits, most of which had to be cancelled this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. With the impact that the pandemic has had on the economy and the financial situations of millions of businesses and individuals, the demand for nonprofit support [...]
What is [re]start? [re]start is a career development platform that provides job seekers with resources to find jobs that will make them happy and meet their needs. It’s also a tool for employers to build valuable relationships with potential employees and professionals. Last Friday, Tony Jones spoke with Chad Silverstein, Founder and CEO of [re]start, [...]
Aj Casey, Executive Director of Stonewall Columbus, shares her wonderful background of transferring to Columbus and becoming such an influential part of Stonewall Columbus. Stonewall Columbus While attending Georgetown University for foreign languages and international economics, Casey aspired to work in The World Bank, using her language to help people, communities and countries around the [...]