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 The Slack in the Labor Market   The U.S. unemployment rate has been dropping steadily ever since it reached 10% during the awful depth of the Great Recession; the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that today only 4.1% of Americans are out of work, the lowest rate in nearly two decades.   But most of […]

Female entrepreneurs are an undeniable force in the global economy. Yet businesses owned by women have historically attracted much less capital than those of their male-owned counterparts. Facing Challenges [images style=”2″ image=”×200.jpg” width=”300″ align=”right” top_margin=”20″ bottom_margin=”20″ left_margin=”20″ right_margin=”20″ alt_text=”Frustrated%20woman%20″ full_width=”Y”] Although the number of women who apply for and obtain equity capital has increased in […]

Defined contribution plan sponsors are rethinking ways to improve investment offerings in an attempt to elevate retirement outcomes for plan participants. The Towers Watson 2014 U.S. Defined Contribution Sponsor Survey revealed a few key themes. [images style=”2″ image=”×300.jpg” width=”300″ align=”right” top_margin=”20″ bottom_margin=”20″ left_margin=”20″ right_margin=”20″ full_width=”Y”] Improving Portfolio Diversification Historically, DC investment options have leaned heavily […]

A study by the Putnam Institute, “Defined Contribution Plans: Missing the forest for the trees?” contends that while a number of variables, such as fund selection, asset allocation, portfolio rebalancing, and deferral rates all contribute to a defined contribution plan’s effectiveness — or lack thereof — it is deferral rates that should be placed near […]

Imagine being able to meet with someone who is totally in tune with the needs of your department, intimately knows the issues between you and your employees, bosses and coworkers and has a solid idea of how to correct difficulties. Now that would be a person to meet with. [images style=”2″ image=”” width=”360″ align=”right” top_margin=”25″ […]

Why – Why – Why? Most of us as children have frustrated a parent or other adult by asking a seemingly endless series of “why” questions. [images style=”2″ image=”” width=”360″ align=”right” top_margin=”25″ bottom_margin=”25″ left_margin=”25″ right_margin=”25″ full_width=”Y”] “Why is the sky blue?” “Because the molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than […]

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