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If you are a small business owner or planning to become one, retirement planning for both you and your employees should be a big consideration.  Small business owners are not required to offer retirement services to employees. According to data collected by SCORE in 2019, companies with ten or less employees are the least likely [...]
Michael Maher, Founder and Chief Idea Officer of Cartology, joined Tony Jones for another virtual Live Broadcast last Friday. Michael shared his experience in the eCommerce industry, which started shortly after college when he pursued entrepreneurship as a side gig. As he saw more success, he decided to move into the eCommerce space full-time, transitioning [...]
What is [re]start? [re]start is a career development platform that provides job seekers with resources to find jobs that will make them happy and meet their needs. It’s also a tool for employers to build valuable relationships with potential employees and professionals. Last Friday, Tony Jones spoke with Chad Silverstein, Founder and CEO of [re]start, [...]
Last Friday, we had the pleasure to talk with Valorie Schwarmann, CFO and Senior Vice President of Homeport, a non-profit housing developer. Valorie oversees the financial systems, processes, planning, and reporting for all lines of business at Homeport.  What is Homeport? Homeport is a non-profit housing developer based in Columbus, Ohio. By building quality affordable [...]
“The goal of YMT Consultants is to support, guide and educate start-up and existing business owners as they launch and grow their business.” Mary McCarthy is the President and CEO of Your Management Team, also known as YMT Consultants. This company was founded in 2009. Its purpose is giving other small business owners direction. Mary [...]

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