rF Live Broadcast Valorie Schwarzmann with Homeport

Last Friday, we had the pleasure to talk with Valorie Schwarmann, CFO and Senior Vice President of Homeport, a non-profit housing developer. Valorie oversees the financial systems, processes, planning, and reporting for all lines of business at Homeport. 

What is Homeport?

Homeport is a non-profit housing developer based in Columbus, Ohio. By building quality affordable homes, Homeport has provided security, dignity, and opportunity to thousands of low-income people since 1987. Not only does Homeport provide quality, affordable homes, but they also provide services of support to their residents and the broader public, states Valorie. The support ranges from helping residents find jobs, supporting health crisis, and providing home-buyer education. 

Growing In Units

Since its beginning, Homeport has been focused on expanding quality affordable homes throughout Central Ohio, as well as investing into neglected neighborhoods. Within the past 30 years, Homeport has contributed to the development, preservation, and sale for over 4,000 housing units, making them the largest locally-focused nonprofit producer of quality affordable homes and related services in the region. Homeport strives to continuously improve households into neighborhoods, and neighborhoods into communities. 

– Home to 6,276 Residents

– 768 Family connections to Services (educational, financial, medical, etc.) 

– 384 households received 14,097 meals

– 769 Health and Wellness Assessments Completed 

– 1,650 boxes of meals from produce markets delivered to seniors

– 12,225 meals served to 144 children in after-school & summer camp programs

Homeport’s 2019 Strategic Priorities

– Close the Affordable Housing Gap

– Laser Focus on their Residents

– Ensure their Core Purpose Endures

How Can You Help?

Take a Tour See first-hand how Homeport rebuilds homes and neighborhoods and develop community programs. You will have the chance to witness abandoned neighborhoods get turned into a healthy community, and hear how they have progressed different lives from children up to senior citizens. 

Volunteer – Homeport offers many ways to volunteer to improve the community. 

– Set up small “farmers markets” in Homeport centers

– After-school tutoring individually or as a group

– Community clean-up projects and renovations

– Young Professionals

– Develop leadership and networking skills while volunteering, raising funds, and spreading awareness about Homeport’s work 

– Become part of a Book Bank to distribute books to children

– Back to school drive and rallies 

– Participate in Real Estate Development and Community Engagement

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