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Did you know that you have more choices than meets the eye with your University retirement benefits?  We have an open system of allowing University employees to choose their investment provider and then deciding on which investment advisor to manage their assets.*  This allows you to separate the product from the advice so that you can pair the best of both worlds and/or only select the services that you require.

Our Strategic Relationships:

We have made strong relationships with many financial companies so that we may represent your interests in a stronger and more profound way.  At the Ohio universities, we generally manage our client accounts through the deep discount custodians available at your institution (for ARP, 403b, & 457b accounts) so that we can help you choose the best investment platform for your needs and then pair it with non-biased, credentialed, and fiduciary-based advice.


One of the largest employer sponsored retirement plan providers in the United States, Fidelity offers a platform with the widest range of investment options available to University employees for a reasonable cost (if we use index funds then it it is the lowest cost available).


As the largest employer sponsored retirement plan providers to Universities in the United States, TIAA CREF offers a platform with the lowest cost annuity options available to University employees.  TIAA CREF’s platform is also an annuity option that has the ability to be converted into lifetime income payments at retirement.


Understanding your Benefits for Better Planning:

Since many of our clients are University employees, we have an intricate understanding of your benefits, OPERS, and STRS.  Given these specialty planning considerations, changes to the pension systems, and the ever-changing financial planning environment, we are in an ideal position to help our University employees.

See how we help our clients with retirement planning with STRS.

See how we help our clients with retirement planning with OPERS.

See how we help our clients with retirement planning considering the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO).


Bringing it all Together:

We can help you pull your University accounts, financial information, and planning documents into one clear and concise picture.  See how:

We stand as a Fiduciary for you:

We are one of the only Fiduciary standards available on campus:  We always represent our clients’ interests ahead of our own and we are one of the only financial firms managing ARP, 403b, and 457b accounts at Ohio Universities to state this plainly and openly. Learn about how we are Fiduciary and why it’s important for you.

Choose rebel Financial to Manage your:

Alternative Retirement Plan: New Employee Election or Vendor Change Instructions.

403(b) Supplemental Retirement Plan: Get more tax deferral and save for retirement.

457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan: an additional plan available to State workers that gives you even more tax deferral.


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