Almost every attorney we know and work for are some of the sharpest people out there. Unfortunately, they’re also some of the busiest. While you’re out there building your practice and solving your clients’ problems, who is working on solving yours? We help to fill this gap so that you can more effectively and confidently build your practice.

We are a Small Firm and can Cater to your Unique Needs:

We do not have a one size fits all program.  If you’re an estate attorney, we can help you with business planning, investment management, insurance planning and discount you for the services you do not require of us.  If you’re a savvy investor and only want a 2nd opinion on your portfolios or have us occasionally update your financial plan, we can adjust your fee to reflect only the roles you need us to fill.

Building from Scratch:

Have you ever wanted to have a partner to build your benefits from scratch, or design your own wealth programs? If you have the legal knowledge and the desire to make it happen, then we can help you realize that goal. Nothing has to be “cookie cutter”; we are a small firm, not limited by bureaucratic procedures. We can help you realize your unique vision.

Maybe you need it all:

This is our forte’. Whether you want a consultant to fill a niche or you need a partner to do the heavy lifting, we are ready to serve. We have the tools, the experience, and the strategic relationships to help you accomplish almost any financial goal.