The Real Cost of a Vacation Home

What if instead of buying that home, you invested that money? Find ot about house investment.

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Ah, vacation. Beautiful sights. Beautiful sounds. Beautiful homes. If there’s one thing that we all do while we’re on vacation, it’s dream.
How great would it be to own a vacation home in one of the most beautiful places on Earth? Maybe you could just have a look at some real estate prices. Couldn’t hurt, right? Actually, it could.

In the top 5 travel destinations in the US, the average home price is nearly a half a million dollars, plus expenses. You could spend that money today on a new vacation home. It’s what you want, right?

But what if instead of buying that home, you invested that money, house investment? Half a million dollars, earning a hypothetical 6% rate of return over 20 years, could grow to more than $1.6 million dollars. Now, 20 years later, would you rather have a vacation home that may or may not have appreciated in value, or $1.6 million dollars?

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