Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) & (ESG)

We believe that our clients should be able to invest per their values and beliefs. For many years this was a difficult proposition because there were not many investment choices and those that were available were either dubious and/or expensive. Fortunately, much of that has changed in the last few years and we are able to build beautiful investment strategies to accommodate our clients’ need to invest more socially conscious.

Building Your Custom Portfolio

Currently, we have 20 different Socially Responsible portfolios, which are broken into two main categories:


  1. Traditional Socially Responsible –

This strategy, now more commonly referred to as Environmental, Sustatinable, and Governance (ESG), bundles the most common social issues that drive socially concious investors which include:


  • Environment: emissions, recycling, energy efficiency, reporting/disclosure
  • Workplace: diversity, employee relations, health & safety, and human rights
  • Product Integrity: marketing/advertising, consumer complaints, and product health/safety
  • Community: relations, philanthropy, lending practices
  • Governance: shareholder rights, executive compensation, corruption, bribery, and fraud


  1. Socially Responsible with emphasis on alternative/renewable energy –

All of the same criteria above except we focus more of alternative/renewable energy.


*Note that this strategy does include greater risk because we are concentrating more in a particular industry which is compounded by the fact that alternative energy has historically tended to be even more volatile than traditional energy investments. However, we do still drive to create very diversified portfolios to manage risk and optimize returns for our clients.*



Below are a few of the investment companies that we partner with to create our SRI/ESG portfolios and their logos link to their corresponding websites, which explain more on their underlying investment strategies and principles:

Calvert_investments-SRI-Logo-300x109 Clearbridge-SRI-Logo-300x161

DFA-SRI-Logo-300x102  Pax-World-SRI-Logo-300x154



Currently, we can build these portfolios for our clients who are Asset Management or Full-Service clients of our firm in their IRA, Roth IRA, and After-Tax investment accounts. Unfortunately, these portfolios generally cannot be instituted in most employer plans.
*However, if you are decision maker and have the authority to switch retirement plan providers, we do have a 401k/retirement plan product in which we can build this into your company’s retirement plan.*

Thank you so much for you time and consideration of rebel Financial and we do hope that we can help you towards a brighter financial future!


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