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The Simple service is designed for individuals seeking straightforward financial guidance without complex needs. Here’s what you can expect:

While our questionnaire provides a helpful starting point, it's important to discuss your specific situation with one of our expert advisors to ensure you are matched with the perfect service.

Advisor Access:

No assignment to a financial advisor or coach, but support staff is available for administrative questions.

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Investment Management:

Financial Planning:

Limited access to rF investment strategies and models.

No planning or investment advice, only management of any applicable investment accounts.

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Limited access to cash management and consulting services, business benefits plan design, and basic real estate consulting.

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Please note that this recommendation is a preliminary assessment based on the information you provided. A detailed discussion with a professional advisor is necessary to ensure the service chosen aligns perfectly with your financial goals and needs.

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• Manage investments directly
• Access to rFPW
• Get your "foot-in-the-door" plan
• 1 Meeting per Year
• Assignment and Access to a Financial Coach
• Seamlessly upgrade to our other service levels