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Why Silver?

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The Silver service is designed for individuals with more complex financial situations seeking a balance between personal advisor interaction and online tools. Here’s what you can expect:

Support advisor as servicing advisor with enhanced service team and access to lead financial advisors as needed.


Meetings per Year:

Financial Planning:

Advisor Access:

Investment Management:

Enhanced reporting and analysis, ability to customize tax-loss harvesting strategies.

Modular and advice-based planning including college planning, major purchase planning, and ongoing financial plan updates.

Ancillary Services:

Access to more advanced business planning, real estate consulting, and a greater subsidy for tax preparation services.

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Monthly Starting Fee:



• Everything in eRebel
• Complete rFPW access
• 24/7 access to financial advice
• 1-4 OnDemand meetings yearly
• Assignment of Associate Financial Advisor
• Management of held away assets
• Student loan optimization
•Access to "light" financial planning
• Greater credit towards tax and estate services
• Complete fluidity upgrading to gold