Ohio’s University Employees are one of the Cornerstones of our Practice

Phil built his career as a financial advisor Serving University Staff & Faculty of Ohio’s Universities and will continue to serve his University clients as rebel Financial grows. Lower costs, more investment options, and technological upgrades allow him to truly help you make the right choices that are most beneficial for your personal financial situation.

Please refer to our transcription below if it is easier and/or more convenient for you:

I’ve built my career as a financial adviser, serving the staff and faculty of Ohio Universities and many of my best clients are professors, doctors, and staff of the Ohio State University, the University of Cincinnati and Ohio University.

I will continue to serve my university clients today through the strategic relationships that we’ve built with Fidelity and TIAA CREF. This allows us to leverage the lowest cost provider TIAA CREF with the provider with the widest selection of investment options, Fidelity, for your ARP, 403(b), and deferred compensation account needs. We can use either or both without sales charges, surrender charges or transaction charges as the planning situation requires.

This removes our last conflict of interest which was representing 1 company’s propriety product so that we can fulfill our fiduciary responsibilities to you.

We are also upgrading our technological integrations so that you can easily integrate these account with all of your other holdings and investments so that we have the ability to coordinate and optimize the view of your entire financial picture.

In these ways, we can stand on the side of our university clients as a partner to truly help them choose the company and investments that are best for their personal situation while driving costs down and delivering more value.