We understand Small Business because We Are One

Small business is the life-blood of the American economy. They embody the hard work ethic and the entrepreneurial spirit that has transformed our great country. As a small business owner himself, Phil understands the specific needs of his small business clients and can help you optimize the hard work you’ve put into your business with strategic planning.

Please refer to our transcription below if it is easier and/or more convenient for you:

Small business clients are some of my favorite clients. What can I say? I’m a small business owner myself and I respect those that challenge the world and make it on their own.

I truly believe that small businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy and not just a tag line that political parties like to throw around. It embodies the hard work ethic and entrepreneurialism that has made our country great. I’m proud to serve in a role that facilitates those hard workers to develop, grow, and protect their wealth and financial dreams.

Small business owners have more needs than many of my other clients because of three main considerations.

  • First, small businesses do not have a ready-made benefit program. They must decide what benefits to provide from what is economical, what is competitive, to what will attract and retain great employees. These are important decisions and are critical towards building a business and not just being self-employed.
  • Second, small businesses and their owners must navigate the difficult and complicated arena or separating their personal assets and liabilities from their business. Understanding the legal and financial ramifications of interview selection, business planning, and best practices is something that we do, in coordination with proper legal counsel, to help business owners succeed.
  • Third, one of the greatest financial rewards of having built your business is that it’s an asset. But what do you do with it? Unfortunately, almost 80% of all small businesses die with their founders. Will you want the next generation to inherit your business? Have a plan to sell and realize the value of your many years of hard work. Or have a younger partner earn his or her way into the business. I’m confident that you do not want the value of your business to evaporate or have the IRS, state, or municipality harvest the ripest fruit of your life’s work. Prior planning is the solution and we can help you preserve the value of your business in the hands of those you choose.

Small business owners work hard to create tremendous value in our society but fail sometimes to effectively optimize what they created and carry it forward past their own lives.

Let us help you optimize your business with great planning so that you can realize the full fruits of your labor.