rF Vendors

Welcome potential business partner!

We have created this informational page to share information with current and potential business partners so that we may have a more efficient, productive and enjoyable relationship.

  • Read our general guidelines 1st

    Before you email or call us please familiarize yourself with our guidelines and processes below.

  • Contact our office manager 1st

    Jonathan Bailey, our office manager, screens potential new business partners and opportunities for our business. Please do not jump around him to try and schedule or contact our owner or advisors.

  • Do not bring/send gifts

    We do not accept 3rd party gifts, which include food, drinks, entertainment etc. No one employed by rF may accept them and we’d appreciate it if you didn’t even tempt them.

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1st of all, we love new opportunities!

  • We have an open door policy b/c we know we don’t know everything.
  • We respect your time so please respect ours by making sure that what your selling is relevant to us.


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Other Specific Guidelines

  • No gifts of any monetary value.
  • Generally we prefer webconference meetings because they tend to be more efficient.


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Our process for new vendors

  • Contact Jonathan Bailey:
  • Present your idea, product, or service so that he may evaluate it and take it higher.
  • Once we’re satisfied that your opportunity could be a win-win then you may schedule an appointment.
  • If we have a an existing relationship then you may schedule again at anytime in the future:
    • You must always bring value in our meetings or you may loose this privilege.