rF Personal Website & Planning for Law Enforcement:

We have the knowledge, the experience, and the resources to help you towards a brighter financial future. Your hard work and dedication have led you to where you are today and now we’d love to show how we can help you to take it to the next level and protect what you’ve built. Watch this video to see how we’ve helped Law Enforcement like you, then explore more about us on this website, and then call or email us to schedule a complimentary consultation to find out how we can get started together.

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The financial world is more complex than ever. The fact is, as your wealth increases, so does the time and effort it takes to manage it. So you turn to the financial specialists for advice on the issues that revolve around you, and the financial issues they help you manage. Since most advisors offer services independent of each other, it’s up to you to sort out all their ideas and recommendations.

How can you keep track of everything you have when you’re busy doing what you do best? Our wealth management solution built specifically for the lifestyle needs of law enforcement can help bring order to your financial world. The system is designed to give you a consolidated view of your accounts, your important documents, your assets, your advisor’s contact information, and your specific goals and strategic plans, in one secure location.

We provide you with a personal financial website, so you can view everything about your financial and estate planning in once place. On your desktop. From your mobile device. Every night, your balances will be automatically updated. Changes in your assets will be tracked against your overall asset allocation, retirement and cash flow models, insurance program, and your financial and estate plan.

Your updated assets are integrated into reports, so that you can monitor your progress against your overall financial objectives. Our wealth management solution also provides a secure online storage vault for your private documents, like wills, trusts, tax returns, deeds to your house, insurance policies, and beneficiary designations. Here, you can even store photos and videos, and other precious memorabilia. Of course, all the information is password-protected in a secure encrypted personal web address, backed with the latest Internet security technology available.

Your top holdings are easily accessible. You can even view your awards programs results, giving you one single access point for all your important financial details. Alerts automatically notify your advisor of a problem or an opportunity, like your asset allocation being out of balance, or a significant change in your account values. Your online access allows you and your advisor to collaborate on any areas of concern.

As your career grows, and the management of your financial affairs becomes more complex, our wealth management solution can become your single access point to organize and track all your financial assets and plans. You’re just a click away from everything you need. All in one place, whenever you want it, from wherever you are.