Proxy Vote Update: Huntington Bancshares

Apr 27, 2014


Proxy Votes


Below are the resources for and the results of our recent Proxy Vote on behalf of our clients:
Proxy Materials:

rF Voting results:

  1. Vote for the election of of the following nominees:
    1. Don M. Casto III For
    2. Ann B. Crane For
    3. Steven G. Elliott For
    4. Michael J. Endres For
    5. John B. Gerlach, Jr For
    6. Peter J. Kight For
    7. Jonathan A. Levy For
    8. Richard W. Neu For
    9. David L. Porteous For
    10. Kathleen H. Ransier For
    11. Stephen D. Steinour – Against
  2. Ratification of the appointment of Deloitte & Touche LLP as our independent
    registered public accounting firm for 2014: For
  3. Advisory resolution to approve, on a non-binding basis, the compensation of
    executives as disclosed in the accompanying proxy statement: Against

Post by Phil Ratcliff

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