Complex Retirement Plan

Complex Retirement Plan:


We’re sure that you have become familiar with the concept that traditional retirement plans weren’t designed to provide adequate income replacement for the retirement of highly compensated individuals, which is why you probably have a deferred compensation plan, extra stock incentive programs, permanent life insurance, and/or other arrangements that you or your employer established to address this short-fall.  Thus, as you approach retirement, the plan of coordinating all of these benefits is much more complex and important to ensure that you receive the maximum for you and your loved ones in retirement and beyond.


If you have executive benefits or complex assets then you definitely need a plan:

Your benefits are complex and you have acquired more assets than most Americans.  Fortunately, this hopefully means that you have accumulated many more assets to provide a great standard of living for yourself and legacy for those you leave behind.  Unfortunately, the complexity of how you will create a system and plan to make these assets work for you optimally will be much more complex.  A good financial advisor can bring substantial value to individuals in your position by bringing to bear their specific knowledge and experience to your planning to help you get the most from what you’ve accumulated by helping you to increase efficiency, reduce taxes, reduce the probability of running out of money and maximizing what you’ll leave to heirs.


General Retirement Plan services:

A retirement plan is a comprehensive plan that lays out your current situation, helps you to visualize alternatives and then select the plan that will optimize your resources per your goals and objectives.  We will run Social Security optimization for you as well as:

Additional services provided in the Complex Retirement Plan (In addition to all features in lower plans):

  • 401k Net Unrealized Appreciation Testing: This could potentially yield large tax savings.
  • Stock Option Redemption Plan: To facilitate your income objectives and minimize taxes.
  • Restricted/Phantom Stock Redemption Plan: To maximize your benefit, coordinate with income plan, and minimize taxes.
  • Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs) Redemption Plan: To maximize your benefit, avoid costly forfeitures, and minimize taxes.
  • Deferred Compensation Analysis and Income Plan: To coordinate with your income plan and minimize taxes.
  • Personal Benefits Scouring: If you provide us with all your benefit documentation we will scour your benefits to make sure we are accounting for and maximizing all of your benefits.  Many executive employees overlook benefits or delay claiming benefits, which could cause you to significantly reduce their value or forfeit them entirely.

What you can expect if you hire us in this capacity?

  1. Select the “Buy this Service” button below and you will make your secure payment via PayPal.
  2. You will be directed to a online scheduling page where you may book your initial appointment immediately.
  3. We will contact you before our initial meeting, within 2 business days, to discuss your situation briefly and supply you with the information that you will need to collect and bring with you.
  4. 1st Appointment: entails getting to know your Lead Financial Advisor, collecting all financial information, and understanding your goals so we can began to build your draft plan.
  5. 2nd Appointment: we will present your draft plan, discuss alternatives, and gather the required information and feedback to complete your final plan.
  6. 3rd Appointment: we will deliver your final plan, help you to understand the intricacies, and discuss how you may implement your plan.

Complex Retirement Plan Services: $2,500.00

Not sure which plan to choose or want to interview us before deciding?

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