Expand your Merger & Acquisition practice

rebel Financial wants you to be a part of the rebelution and start making a huge difference in the world of finance. We really care for all of our clients and are ready to take in your business to make it shine even more. The rF team wants to show you that we can take your financial firm to a higher plan.

The rF team has jumped a lot of hurdles in order to show their initiative in changing the way people think about financial planning.

Looking to Merge with rebel Financial?

  • Looking to retire soon?
  • Not sure where your business will be heading? 
  • Looking for good hands to put your business into?

Well look no further because rebel Financial has got you covered!

Who Are We?

rebel financial is a fee-only fiduciary company that works on people’s financial planning as a whole. we work with our clients on a membership basis and provide to them accordingly. Our primary goal is always people before profit.

b-corp logo

We are a B Corporation

But, what is a Certified B Corporation?

This means we have meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Collaborative Enviornment

We at rebel Financial always take employee needs into proper consideration and our engagement model is thorough and thoughtful.



As a fee-only fiduciary, we have a legal responsibility to look out for our client’s best interest. We generally only take compensation from our clients, not the mutual fund, investment, or insurance companies.

Financial Planning

We are mainly dedicated on making financial plans for offering our clients with the freedom to choose how they want to be serviced. 

Financial Planning

Technologically Ready

As new technology comes out we at rebel financial are ready to tackle it in every way possible in order to meet new ends created.

People Before Profit

We at rebel Financial pride our selves on our motto “people before profit”. We spread our motto throughout all the work we do and show our passion through our rebelution initiative. The rF team knows that the world is always under going change and something needs to be done about that.