Learn the fundamental thought process behind our planning:

While there are no guarantees when it comes to investing, there are ways of planning that increase the odds of a high probability out-come. We pride ourselves on achieving successful investing with our clients. We evaluate your goals, risk tolerance, time frame, and organize them in the most efficient and highest probability manner to help you attain your financial goals. We do not gamble with your future – we set the probabilities more in your favor.

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A solid financial plan and investment strategy are not gambling. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard the cynic tell me that investing is just another form of gambling. This is not true.

They’re not any universal guarantees in life, but there are probabilities, and within them lies the keys to success to so many of humankind’s endeavors. However, let’s stick to investing, which is the process of placing capital, stored measures of human value and productive capacity, to work.

When you invest in stocks, you are investing in the future progress and productivity of humankind, and you benefit as an owner of this progress through time.

When you invest in conservative assets like bonds, then you’re lending towards the same end, which is safer because you generally have first rights to liquidate assets to recoup your initial investment, but you will not share in any of the upside progress.

Successful investing comes from evaluating the applicable probabilities of events and making purely rational allocations of capital that align with your time-frame, goals and risk tolerance so that, given the laws of large numbers, based on historical precedence, the outcome is a high probability event.

This is what we do in all aspects of our planning and investment management for our clients. We evaluate your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon to help you organize your eggs into different baskets in the most efficient and highest probability manner to accomplish your goals.

Given long enough time periods and/or enough iterations we know to a high probability and accuracy what you should average. With this knowledge, we can help you choose the path that is most likely to accomplish any financial goal that you set for yourself.

We do not gamble. We set the probabilities to be more in your favor.