It's time that your financial advisors put you before their profits.

In 2013, rebel Financial was created to challenge the “Wall Street” status-quo of corporate greed through profit maximization. We believe that all companies should be good community actors, running social enterprises, that try to better all stakeholders, not just shareholders. 

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Our team will work with you to create a personalized investment strategy that meets your unique goals and objectives for your financial future.

Retirement Planning

Our most requested service helps you build a comprehensive retirement plan with confidence and peace of mind for the future.

Special Needs Planning

We provide specialized planning to ensure your loved one with special needs is taken care of financially, now and in the future.

Tax Preparation

We offer in-house tax services for our clients to create more benefits from tax preparation and planning to payroll/benefits consulting.

Estate Planning

We offer personalized estate planning and legal guidance to protect your assets and secure your loved ones' future.


Student loan debt is now the second-highest consumer debt category in the United States, higher than both credit cards and auto loans.


The truth is that most Americans do not agree with the way that most publicly traded companies are not contributing to the communities in which they harvest huge profits, shirking their subsequent tax responsibilities, enriching themselves with lavish executive compensation schemes while not being good stewards to the majority of their employees, sacrificing our environment for short-term profits and generally barely doing what is legal much less what most of us would consider “right”. At rebel Financial, we are building great investment strategies that align our clients’ values with great performance in which we try to hold these corporate leaders responsible for what our/your ethics and morals say is right. We own these companies and they should be accountable to us!


Our on-going client-based services for consistent management and continuous service


Monthly Starting Fee:



• Manage investments directly
• Access to rFPW
• Get your "foot-in-the-door" plan
• 1 Meeting per Year
• Assignment and Access to a Financial Coach
• Seamlessly upgrade to our other service levels


Monthly Starting Fee



• Everything in Simple
• Tax managed/sensitive portfolios
• Expanded access to rFPW
• 1-2 web/video review meetings per year
• Online document storage
• Discounted access to planning services
• Assignment of Support Financial Advisor
• Ability to upgrade or downgrade service level


Monthly Starting Fee:



• Everything in eRebel
• Complete rFPW access
• 24/7 access to financial advice
• 1-4 OnDemand meetings yearly
• Assignment of Associate Financial Advisor
• Management of held away assets
• Student loan optimization
•Access to "light" financial planning
• Greater credit towards tax and estate services
• Complete fluidity upgrading to gold


Monthly Starting Fee:



• Everything in Silver
• Unlimited OnDemand meetings yearly
• Access to Senior Financial Advisor as needed
• College Selection and Funding Plan
• Comprehensive Financial Planning
• On-Going financial plan updates & implementation
• Maximum credit towards tax prep and estate services

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