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Why Gold?

The Gold service is designed for individuals with intricate financial needs who prefer hands-on, detailed advice and management from a dedicated advisor. Here’s what you can expect:

Advisor Access:

Lead advisor as servicing advisor with a comprehensive team including relationship advisor, paraplanner, tax professional, and client service specialist.

Meetings per Year:


Comprehensive access to rF investment strategies, tax optimization, and enhanced reporting.

Investment Management:

Comprehensive planning including retirement, tax, risk, philanthropic, and estate planning.

Financial Planning:

Ancillary Services:

Maximum access to all services, including business coaching, valuation, tax planning, and preparation.

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Please note that this recommendation is a preliminary assessment based on the information you provided. A detailed discussion with a professional advisor is necessary to ensure the service chosen aligns perfectly with your financial goals and needs.


Monthly Starting Fee:



• Everything in Silver
• Unlimited OnDemand meetings yearly
• Access to Senior Financial Advisor as needed
• College Selection and Funding Plan
• Comprehensive Financial Planning
• On-Going financial plan updates & implementation
• Maximum credit towards tax prep and estate services