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We have great clients and we want to convey our appreciation for the opportunity to continue serving you.  We also know that our best source of new clients will most likely come from doing our job so well that our current clients will recommend their friends, family members, and peers to work with us also.  We know that if they’re anything like you, we will be ingratiated and lucky to serve them as well. We are always excited for new clients and are eager to help with anyone’s financial needs.

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We keep track and contact you automatically if it’s time for your review or there is another pressing concern, but we may not always have it right.  If something has come up that you’d like to discuss, or you feel that it’s been too long since your last review click here to schedule one. We’ll be in touch by the end of the next business day to schedule your appointment.

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We would not be here if it wasn’t for your patronage and support. Please let us know at any time if there is anything we can do for you what so ever.

If there is anything we have failed to do for you or If you feel we have let you down in any way, please call me directly on my cell phone – (614) 783-2000 – and I will personally try to make it right.

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