Generational Planning

rF offers expanded and discounted services to children of existing clients.

Program Benefits

Financial Education at an Early Age

Developing good financial habits and knowledge early on can set your child up for success later on in life. Starting early will have exponential effects.

Successful Relationships

Financial skills can help your child to develop successful relationships to leverage financial success in their professional lives.

More Time, Greater Benefits

As with anything financial, the compounding effect will be even greater with time. Taking charge of your finances early on will have a greater exponential impact throughout time.

Trusted Advice & Service

You can trust that we will provide the same great service to your children that we do to you. Building relationships with your children early on will allow for continuity amongst intergenerational wealth, even when you're gone.

Discount/Waiver of Minimum Fees

Because we value this multi-generational relationship, we make it easier than ever for the younger generation to join us by discounting or waiving the monthly fee. No matter what stage of their financial journey your child is in, we can help.

Building Financial Health for the Next Generation

We want to help you achieve a successful financial future, and children play a big role in a family’s finances. If you have children or adult children that are in the position to take control of their finances, we can help – no matter what stage of the financial planning process they may be in. 


Most frequent questions and answers

While there are restrictions on the ability for children to invest before they reach the age of 18, parents can open up custodial accounts for their children at any age. Working with your child as early as high school and teaching them the importance of saving, investing, simple financial planning concepts, etc. by allowing them to be proactive in the process early on can provide them a working knowledge to build upon and multiply their financial success throughout life. 

The first step in getting started with rF is scheduling a complimentary appointment with a financial coach or advisor to discuss your financial needs. Let us know in your scheduling notes or during your consultation that you were referred by a parent, and we will take it from there!

Help your child start their journey to financial freedom.

Refer your child here or schedule an appointment with them to get started.