What is a Fiduciary?

Learn more about Fiduciaries & how they represent their clients’ best interests:

A fiduciary, from the Latin root which means ‘trust,’ is a person that has a responsibility to perform their duties for the full benefit of another. You may think that most professionals are looking out for you and your best interests, but did you know that most professionals aren’t legally obligated to accept fiduciary responsibilities? Here at rebel Financial, we hold ourselves to the high standards and responsibilities of a fiduciary. We will always put your interests before our own in everything we do.


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Many people have become aware recently of the debate that has been going on on Capitol Hill about whether certain people or parties should be fiduciaries, but few clients understand what it means and every fewer firms seem willing to stand up to take responsibility for their actions and advice.

A fiduciary, from the Latin root which means trust, is someone that has responsibility to perform their duties for the full benefit of another.

This may sound like a small thing and many people wrongly assume that almost all professionals are looking out for their best interests, however, most professionals do not have a legal obligation to represent their clients and customers as a fiduciary.

rebel Financial will always represent our clients with a fiduciary responsibility. Just the mere fact that I make this statement here on our website and in our marketing materials holds us to that standard.

We are here to help you plan for a better financial future, help you make important investment decisions and provide advice on some of the most important aspects of your life. We do not take this obligation lightly and we are willing to stand up and state plainly that we will represent your interests ahead of our own in all our business interactions with you.

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