Client Reviews

Thanks for agreeing to leave us a review! If you need some help thinking about what to write in your review, this page will provide you with example questions to consider. Please be as specific as possible!

What type of services have you received from us?

  • Did we help you to update or manage your investment strategy based on your risk tolerance?
  • Did we provide you with resources to help you plan for market changes during future economic events?
  • Did we use tools to monitor your account(s) and provide accurate updates and reports?
  • Did we help you create or update your retirement plan?
  • Did we help you set up a retirement account?
  • Did we help you rollover your 401k?
  • Did we provide you with resources to determine the best repayment or savings options?
  • Did we help you to analyze your student loans or test for loan forgiveness? 
  • Did we help you create and implement your optimal plan?
  • Did you use our in-house or third-party services?
  • Did we help you to file your return quickly and accurately?
  • Did we provide you with resources to aid you in your tax prep?
  • Did we help you to create an estate plan best suited for you and your family?
  • Did we help you to establish a trust?
  • Did we provide you with resources manage your plan?

Have we financially served you in ways outside of the areas listed above?

How would you rate the quality of our services?

  • How have we met your financial needs?
  • Did we provide you with relevant and helpful resources?
  • Which staff member(s) did you work with?
  • What can you say about your overall experience working with us?
  • Will you continue to use our services in the future?

How has your experience with rebel Financial impacted you?

We're here to help you plan for the future. Since we've served you,

  • how has your financial situation changed as a result?
  • do you feel confident in your financial strategies?
  • do you feel that you have been equipped with a plan that best fits your needs?

Other topics to consider in your review

Outside of our financial service to you,

  • how have we accommodated you and your family's needs?
  • are we proactive in responding to your concerns? 
  • how would you rate the professionalism of our staff?
  • how would you evaluate our customer support?

We know that each of our clients have unique financial situations and needs.

If we have provided service or support to you in any ways other than what's listed, please let us know in your review!