Business Owner Exit Planning – Stage 3

Exit Planning for Business Owners – Stage 3:


This service is continuation of our Stage 1 Exit Planning Service.  If you have not read the information on our Exit Planning -Stage 1 services then you should click here to go back before proceeding on.



Congratulations!!!  If You have made it to this stage then you are very close to reaping the rewards of many, many years of hard work and we are excited to help you finish the last leg of your marathon.  If you have gone through Stage 1 and 2 with us then you are already aware of our process and the high quality of our services.  If you believe that you are ready for this part of our Exit Planning services but did not go through Stages 1 and 2 with us then you should stop and call us before proceeding so that we can make sure we’re on the same page and this service would be appropriate for you.


What’s included in our Exit Plan – Stage 3:

 For your $8,000 fee, you will receive:

  • One Business Valuation: You must use one of our partner firms which is accredited and familiar with your industry.*
  • Revision of your written Exit Plan: This will update your plan to reflect the new reality of where we are versus our original plan.  Up to two on-sight meetings and then unlimited meetings at our office or webconference until your plan is completed.
  • We will provide the legal services: For document preparation and representation through the Exit process, using one of our pre-existing legal partners.+*
  • Consulting service to hire a business broker or M&A firm: We will introduce you to one or more business brokers and/or M&A firms from which you will hire one or more to sell your business.  We represent you and will help you to understand who can help you best and what everyone’s conflict of interests are.
  • Wealth Management Plan: We will help you to devise an optimal strategy to invest the proceeds of your sale.  If you become a full-service client we will also complete a comprehensive financial plan, which includes a retirement and estate plan.
  • Option to become an On-going/Full-Service Client: Up to a 2 quarter fee waiver from any advisory fees due to offset your Exit Planning fee.

+This only includes services that are normal and customary to our business exit planning service and does not include any extraneous services or litigation that could result in the process of selling your business.

* You must comply promptly with our outside professional’s requests for information, documentation and not cancel or reschedule appointments for non-emergency reasons.  Otherwise, the applicable overage/hourly charges will be billed to you.   We’re running a tight ship here to fix your costs…

What you can expect if you hire us in this capacity?

  1. Select the “Buy this Service” button below and you will make your secure payment via PayPal.
  2. You will be re-directed to a online scheduling page where you may book your initial appointment immediately.
  3. We will contact you within 1 business day to discuss your situation and supply you with the information that you will need to collect and have with you at our first appointment.
  4. 1st Appointment  (We will probably come to your office): Entails getting us back up to speed from where we left off, reviewing your Sellability Score results, collecting updated financial information, and your updated goals so we can update your Exit Plan.
  5. Business Valuation: We will present your updated information to the accounting firm that will perform your valuation and they will contact you to acquire any additional information/meeting they require to complete their valuation for you.
  6. 2nd Appointment (Generally at our office): We will review your valuation, updated plan, review potential attorneys, and potential brokers and/or M&A firms.
  7. Interview and select an attorney: We will recommend one of our partners and advise you on your selection (we use partner firms to fix your costs, but you may use an outside attorney at your own expense if you prefer).
  8. Interview and hire a Business Broker or M&A Firm: We will recommend and advise you on your selection.
  9. The Broker or M&A firm will do most of the business match making from here until sale.  The attorney and rF will represent your interests, make sure that you get a good deal, and perform as non-biased advisors that you can turn to ask questions and get advice from throughout the process.
  10. Final Appointment (Generally at our office): We will review your “deal” in the context of your overall financial picture and help you develop a wealth management plan and comprehensive financial plan (if you’d like to be an on-going client).

Exit Plan Services Stage 1: $10,000.00

Not sure which plan to choose or want to interview us before deciding?

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