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Enroll in ARP at The Ohio State University with rebel Financial as your advisor

Decide how to hire us using our 4 models

Our Simple rebel service is to allow people that have little to no start on investing to be able to! We want to provide an affordable financial planning service to provide basic investment services for anyone ready to start. Have access to our robust planning tools, online storage, plan reviews, and receive support from our advisors.

eRebel was designed to merge the best of online efficiency with real world experienced financial advisors. This gives you the ability to hire a great financial advisor at a great price so that you can make better decisions and more efficiently move yourself closer to financial freedom.

Our Silver rebel clients are on-going clients of our firm that receive the highest level of investment management and financial advice without formal financial planning/modeling. To be succinct, this is what most financial advisors provide to their clients.

Our Gold rebel service model is our highest level of service and probably the best value option because it includes so many services. It includes everything that is offered in all of our lower service levels plus full financial planning/modeling and tax/estate document preparation for qualifying households.

*Plus, our fee schedule on assets under management (AUM). The monthly fee is waived once you have more than $250,000 AUM. Universities without fee billing pay via monthly deduction from paypal with a 10% discount.

Complete your election form with the University and submit to HR (this must be done before the 120th day of your hire; do not wait until the last minute or you will default into the pension):

Complete your vendor change form and submit to HR:

Choose your provider and enroll online (when you reach the investment selection, just select the suggested target-date fund as your investment choice until our next meeting):


One of the largest employer-sponsored retirement plan providers in the United States, Fidelity offers a platform with the widest range of investment options available to University employees for a reasonable cost:


As the largest employer-sponsored retirement plan providers to Universities in the United States, TIAA CREF offers a platform with the lowest cost options available to University employees.  TIAA CREF’s platform is also an annuity option that has the ability to be converted into lifetime income payments at retirement.  Visit their website:

If you have contacted us previously. Email us to let us know that you have submitted your election form to HR, selected your provider, enrolled in your account online, and that you would like us to be your Investment Advisor.

If you have elected to use us but need to contact us for the first time then please fill out our Schedule an Appointment form.

We will send you an eSignature request to sign our client agreement, a trading authorization form, a fee deduction authorization form, which you will need to sign and submit.

Rollover your old ARP account: Click here for instructions.

Open additional University Accounts for rF to manage for you:

  1. 403b Supplemental Retirement Account
  2. 457b Ohio Deferred Compensation.

You will receive credentials to setup your rebel Financial Personal Website Life in a box ArrowWatch a demo here. You will need to select permanent login credentials and use the organizer tab to complete all information that you can before your next appointment.

We will call or email you to schedule an appointment to review your new account, select an investment strategy, and pursue further financial planning (if necessary).

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Fidelity Account
Jefferson National Account
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