rF Live Broadcast Micheal Cao of IC3D Printers

A Columbus, Ohio 3D printing company building its reputation one layer at a time.

IC3D is a 3D printing company that does a little bit of everything. The company manufactures and sells its own line of 3D printing filament and also offers other services from printing products to modeling. Michael Cao, founder of IC3D was in our office Friday discussing the details of IC3D Industries.




Michael Cao graduated in 2003 with a mechanical engineering degree and proceeded into his career by being a senior engineer for Honda for almost 13 years. At Honda, Cao was using 3D CAD software and designing interiors for future makes and models, giving him a strong intuition to start the company of IC3D. “At the time, Honda just got their first couple of 3D printers at a commercial scale and that was my first taste of the possibilities with it. In 2011, when open-source, desktop, 3D printing world kind of started, you know exploding, I immediately jumped on that and just started designing and building printers in my basement.”


“The Maker Movement for a Greater Good”


IC3D has a reputation for utilizing 3D technology for noble causes. Last December, Michael explains how IC3D partnered with the Marine Corps Reserve to start a project in conjunction with the Toys for Tots program. Michael and his team distributed 3D printing material, also known as filament, to volunteers that wanted to dedicate machine time to producing plastic toys for Toys for Tots. Almost 150 toy robots were printed and donated to children last year. Michael hopes to expand the project further and needs volunteers for next year. You can reach out to them with the links at the bottom of the page. Watch the video below to get the inside scoop of this story by 10tv News.


Watch the broadcast on our YouTube channel to get the full interview and learn about all the services that IC3D is doing for Central Ohio. 

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