What Do You Want to Do When You Retire?

For many people, the answer to the question, “What do you want to do when you retire?” may be very obvious. They have a clear plan for the hobbies they want to pursue or the trips they want to take, but for others, the answer might not be as clear. Planning for retirement is important for many reasons, but knowing how much to put aside will rely on several factors, including when you want to retire, why you’re retiring, and you want to do once you’re no longer working full-time. At rebel Financial, we cover every aspect of retirement planning and how to effectively prepare for your post-work life.

When deciding what you want to do when you retire, it’s also important to look at why you’re retiring. Are you simply tired of working 40 hours a week, or are you ready to leave the workplace and pursue a particular passion? If you have a dream of owning a second home in a warmer climate than Columbus during the winter, that can impact how much you put aside every month for retirement. It’s not just about making your money last throughout your retirement, it’s about making it work effectively for what you want to do with it. It’s also important to think about who you will spend your retirement with – will you be traveling to see your children and grandchildren, or will it be just you and your spouse making your way around the world?

The rebel Financial team can help you focus on these important questions and make the most of your retirement planning. We want to see every one of our clients thoroughly enjoy their retirement, and discover those things that you’ve been waiting a lifetime to find.

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