College Advantage 529 College Savings Plan

Ohio's 529 Plan

The 529 College Savings Plan was created to encourage American families to save for higher education.

Reap The Benefits For Saving

Applies To Other States

Tax-Free Savings

529 College Savings Plan

Thousands of colleges nationwide, including graduate and technical schools.

  • Similar To A 401k

529 plans usually invest your contribution in mutual fund-based investments.

  • Impact On Federal/State Financial Aid

529 funds have low impact on aid and are considered to be an asset of the account owner-only 5.645 of the value of the account is considered to determine the student’s Expected Family Contribution.

  • Income Restrictions

Anyone regardless of income can invest in a Ohio 529 plan.

  • Ohio Tax Reduction

Ohio taxpayers may qualify for a deduction for contributions to a 529 account.

  • Change Your Beneficiary

The account can be transferred anytime to a beneficiary that is eligible.

  • Age Limits

The majority of plans allow contributions for a beneficiary of any age.


Need help switching from a Ohio BlackRock 529 to a CollegeAdvantage 529? More information here.

How To Get Started

Open An Account

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We suggest clients choose the Vanguard Moderate Growth Index Portfolio to start. If you have specific circumstances, scheduling an appointment with us will allow us to determine the best approach for your needs.

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Integrate Your 529 Account

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We can now easily manage held away accounts such as your 529 with FeeX. Learn more about it here.

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