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A full month into a historic government shutdown. A full month into a historic government shutdown, after 800,000 government workers have missed their second paycheck, two things are clear:   1) Economists and political pundits had no expectation that the impasse would past this long. 2) The impact on the U.S. economy cannot be calculated with […]

Your First Impression You only have five seconds to make a good first impression, right? Or maybe it’s 10 seconds, or 13.       A study of 2,000 Americans commissioned by Dollar Shave Club (you might consider the source), the actual time it takes to make a first impression is actually 27 seconds, and […]

Older Marrieds      Nobody seems to have a good explanation for it, but American adults are increasingly delaying marriage. According to the most recent population survey by the U.S. Census bureau, the median age at first marriage in the U.S. is now nearing age 30—29.8 for men and 27.8 for women. That’s up from 27.1 and […]

Fit Travel to Personality Where should you go on your next vacation trip?  Your satisfaction and enjoyment level may depend on who you are, according to psychologist Joshua Jackson, associate professor at Washington University in St. Louis.  He identifies five core personality types—extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness.  And then he identifies a great potential […]

Buy a Snoop, Sell Your Privacy Here’s an interesting idea.  Let’s suppose, for a moment, that you run a company that has recently developed an unfortunate reputation for major security breaches, when it isn’t actually allowing its advertisers and other vendors access to your personal, private information.  Let’s say, in fact, that its whole business […]

What High-Achieving People Have Learned to Give Up High-achieving people will tell you that they sacrificed to get where they are, but what, exactly, did they sacrifice?  An article in Forbes magazine lists 18 things that high-achieving people routinely give up—and many of them are not what you would expect. Number one on the list: […]

The Irreplaceable Formula A roundtable of prominent CEOs was asked an intriguing question: what makes an irreplaceable employee? How would you describe this person? You might think their answer would cite extraordinary skills, a great educational background or industry certifications. But instead, the CEOs listed three different attributes: A drama-free personality. The idea here is […]

Crisis Continued We should probably all be celebrating the news that, after eight years of headlines predicting the worst sort of gloom and doom, the nation of Greece has emerged from its bailout program.  Over that time period, the country received 289 billion euros ($330 billion) from the International Monetary Fund, the European Union and […]

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