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On May 17, rebel Financial’s president, Phil Ratcliff gave a quarterly update on how we create client portfolios. He covered three topics: making smart investments, economics, and behavioral trends. Phil shares how rebel Financial is doing in each of these areas as the company continues serving their clients in the best way possible. Investments Investing [...]

Luck or Skill? There’s an ancient question in the investment markets, which is affecting the marketplace in a variety of ways: is an active manager’s investment performance the result of luck or skill? The layperson’s answer would be obvious: anybody who has expertise and works hard at something should, eventually, produce results superior to what […]

I’ll take my chances… Chances are, you’ve already heard or read endless predictions about… everything. The direction of interest rates. Market returns and whether the markets will go down or up. When the next recession will hit. The movements of the cryptocurrency markets. If the market gurus were being honest, they wouldn’t give us definitive […]

What’s the best strategy for navigating choppy investment markets? The classic advice is to hang on for dear life. But is there a better option?   Taming the Roller Coaster A recent article by Michael Batnick of Rithold Wealth Management helpfully reminds us that we have experienced two VERY choppy market periods since 1999. Buy […]

Would you like to lower the volatility of your investment portfolio? There’s an easy solution. No, the solution we’re thinking of is not to retreat to cash—which, even in times of low inflation, is a strategy doomed to steadily lose the buying power of your portfolio. All that does is guarantee a downside. Diversification will […]