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Would you like to lower the volatility of your investment portfolio? There’s an easy solution. No, the solution we’re thinking of is not to retreat to cash—which, even in times of low inflation, is a strategy doomed to steadily lose the buying power of your portfolio. All that does is guarantee a downside. Diversification will […]

Debt Explosion, Few Downgrades If you’re looking for something to worry about, consider corporate debt: $1 trillion of it.  Research by the Bloomberg News organization found that corporations have taken advantage of more than a decade of historically low interest rates to make highly-leveraged acquisitions, taking on debt at unprecedented rates.  Looking at some of […]

Fire in a Crowded Theater Yesterday’s market declines—the Dow down 3.15%, the S&P 500 down 3.29% and tech stocks, as represented by the Nasdaq index, off 4.08%–were entirely within the normal range of mini corrections, which we’ve experienced numerous times since March 9, 2009.  But they represent an interesting test of character for the press […]

2018 Third Quarter Market Report If you believe that the trend is your friend, then perhaps the U.S. stock market is in for an excellent fourth quarter. U.S. equity markets suffered small losses in the first quarter, followed by decent single-digit gains in the second quarter.  Now that the third quarter is in the books, […]

Beware the Bears If you’ve been paying attention to the financial news lately, you’re probably seeing a lot of ominous predictions—and they’re usually backed up by some ominous headline.  The most simplistic are saying that the bull market has now lasted ten years, so therefore it’s about to come to an end—as if bull markets […]

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