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Skyrocketing Student Loans- While some are worried about the rapidly growing U.S. national debt, others are looking at a different debt bomb that is slowly ticking in American households. Debt by Americans age 19 to 29 years old exceeded an astonishing $1 trillion at the end of last year, the highest exposure for the group […]

September 5, 2016


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You’re young, have little in savings and likely have no one yet relying on you financially. So why do you need to think about estate management?¹ Here are four great reasons: ESTATE STRATEGIES: THEY’RE NOT JUST FOR THE ELDERLY You need a will.You may ask why a will is important if there’s not much to […]

By now most Americans who are saving and investing to pay for college costs have probably heard that so-called 529 college savings plans allow tax-free distributions for qualified education expenses, potentially making them even more attractive and effective than in the past, when they were only tax deferred. Add that tax benefit to other benefits […]

[contextly_auto_sidebar] During this time of year, people turn their attention to finding the perfect gift for everyone in their family, not to mention the gifts needed for work gatherings, as well as holiday gift exchanges with friends and neighbors. You try not to spend too much, but unfortunately, a majority of your gift purchases will most […]

January 6, 2015


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The latest report on college costs published by the College Board indicted that, although college costs still increased more than general inflation in the past year, the increase in tuition and fees for the 2014-2015 academic year will be lower than the average annual increases in the past five years, the past 10 years, and […]